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You find an old Asian coin that allows you to make dreams that affect people.

You find an old Asian coin that allows you to make dreams that affect people.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You find a coin that can allow you to make other people act a certain way by creating dreams but, someone might use it on you whether they are aware or not or you might accidentally use it on yourself.

Try to make some really vivid dreams to go along with their affects with a person .

Here is how the magic item works:
0. The Dream only starts when they are asleep, obviously.
1. Only people touching the coin can make a wish.
2. People can not be given two separate wishes at once. (Wish-->Dream-->New wish)
3. The dream does NOT make major affects after one dream. The effects are small and bigger effects must be caused by making the same wish again the next day. Physical changes are also really small and don't start happening until after a large amount of the same type of dream has occurred for that person.
4. The dreams do not wear off or get stronger unless another dream has been sent to that person.
5. The Coin targets whoever you specify but, it interprets your request anyway it wants and makes a dream to reflect your desires.
6. People don't have to literally become what they are in their dreams, it is just a visual representation of the user's request.
7. Since people only remember a small portion of their dreams, they don't necessarily have to remember the dream that is affecting them.

Bernie 16 years old (You): A high school sophomore with a B average grades, short brown hair, 5'7'' and pretty slim and likes video games and SciFi.

Joyce 39 years old (your Mom): A housewife who tries her best to keep you and your two siblings happy and is trying to get you to be more responsible.

Michele 18 years old (Your older Sister): She is all about fashion and makeup and enjoys teasing you and your best friend by trying to test her makeup on you, she favors your little sister because of their shared girlishness.

Danna 10 years old (your younger Sister): She is your stereotypical little girly sister who always looks for an excuse to show off and rope people into playing with her.

Ian 9 years old (your Brother): He is a surprisingly mellow kid who likes to avoid conflict and do his own thing.

Dylan 38 years old (your Father): He is busy most of the time with work but, enjoys talking to his kids and wife when he is free.

Drake 16 years old (Your Best Friend): He likes to play pranks on people but, when he goes too far, he tries what ever it takes to make it up to them.

Shannon 17 years old (Your Crush): Smart, Pretty, and on the Cheerleader team. She is a kind person who is easy to talk to and enjoys helping others.

Cassidy 16 years old (Shannon's Best Friend): A blonde, ditsy airhead she is kind and pretty but not to bright and is extremely girly and is on the Cheerleader team with Shannon. You have been neighbors for years but, your interests have never aligned so your just acquaintances.

Ryan 17 years old (Bully): He is an asshole who is pretty antagonistic towards you for no reason other than he is just an asshole.

Mr. Peters 23 years old (English Teacher): He acts smug and grades harshly despite his age and appearance. He loves having authority over his students and enjoys chastising them.

Ms. Monroe 29 years old (Math Teacher): Beloved by all of her students, she is known for having easy to understand lessons without going easy on them and tries to offer as much free time to help struggling students.

Given enough time, anything can happen. Have Fun!
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