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Dakota moves to a new town, where she finds herself and her friends getting bigger...

Dakota moves to a new town, where she finds herself and her friends getting bigger...

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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This story follows Dakota Johnson as she finds herself struggling to come to terms with her new hometown of Daven's Port. Dakota begins as an average, every day sort of girl who is largely unfamiliar with the strange town she finds herself in. She starts off with two friends, Piper and Zack, who spend their Summer trying to get Dakota better acquainted with the city.

As Dakota broadens her horizons, meeting new people and experiencing new things, there is a small to large chance that she and/or everyone around her will begin to gain weight for various reasons. As Dakota grows as a person, she'll probably... grow as a person. Like, literally.

Passions abound in this new story that can focus on love, life, and/or none of the above and instead just focus on fats.




As a stark contrast to my earlier interactives, this story provides a much broader cast of characters. As such, both men and women are permitted to be the focus of this story. While the main character is a young woman, any of her male friends, family, or romantic interests can gain weight alongside her or instead of her. The same can be said for any of her female friends, her mother, or any same-sex relationship partners she might find herself with.


To emphasize the "open-world" aspect of this interactive, I'm employing a more laissez-faire approach with this story. Magicks, weird sciences, and others are welcomed! I only ask that whatever you write, it be well-written and at least somewhat believable. No huge, enormous, instantaneous gains by any means; but characters can wind up huge and enormous!
*DISCLAIMER: Children (ages 15 and under) should not be portrayed in any sexual light. Any chapters that give off a certain pedophilic vibe, I will delete.


This is our story. There's only a few main characters that I've listed so far because I'd like for this to be a community effort! Any addition is welcomed, appreciated, and integrated so long as it follows the rules above. If something's going on in a storyline that you don't like, it doesn't necessarily have to set the tone for the whole interactive. And as always, if there's any questions, comments, or concerns about anything you find in Daven's Port, please e-mail me on this website.



Finding yourself confused by all the characters already in place here in Daven's Port? Have no fear, because we've taken the liberty of drawing up a handy-dandy census to act as a character sheet to help familiarize readers with our expansive list of characters. Any newcomers that pop up or anyone that may have gone unregistered will be added, so don't let this dissuade you from coming up with your own characters!

the Daven's Port Census  [E]
a list of characters to be found in the interactive Daven's Port
by Bobo the Hobo




As with most of my bodies of work, this story is part of an extensive library of not just interactive stories, but also standalone works featured on my DeviantArt  , Patreon  , and Ko-Fi   pages.

The above, and below, are not necessary to write for this interactive and should be viewed as supplementary materials.

I would like to thank everyone involved in giving me such a wonderful experience writing such wonderful stories. Readers, writers, or lurkers alike; I love each and every single one of you. I love what I do, and it's because of all you guys. While I hope that one day Daven's Port reaches the same renown as some of the other, longer-standing interactives on this site, I'm also going to leave links to my other projects, all of which have given myself (and lots of others!) the most out of the Weight Gain Literotica experience.

Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls  [E]
a quality-controlled interactive about life in a pudgy prep school
by Bobo the Hobo

Buttercombe Academy is one of the longest interactives on Writing.com and caters exclusively to fans of female weight gain. It centers around the students and staff of one of the most luxurious preparatory schools in America, as it caters to every whim of both its pampered progeny and those who find themselves lucky enough to work there. It's a little more firmly grounded than Daven's Port, but I hope that doesn't mean you won't enjoy it.

Super-Sized: the Mel Carlyle Story  [E]
follow Mel in her attempts to go from big, to bigger, to biggest!
by Bobo the Hobo

Super-Sized: the Mel Carlyle Story is a spin-off starring one of Buttercombe Academy's most illustrious eaters, the titular Mel Carlyle, as she attempts to balloon up to satisfy her hedonistic dream of being the fattest woman alive. Sharing this story's spirit of spontaneity, Mel's story is one that has no real "right" way to tell it; she could wind up almost anywhere, doing almost anything. This one caters to fans of both flavors, but is (obviously) geared more towards female weight gain like its sister story. This one's a bit of the middle ground between Buttercombe Academy and Daven's Port, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.

Young & Hungry: the Zack and Alice Story  [E]
two young lovebirds who may find themselves growing together in more ways than one...
by Bobo the Hobo

Young & Hungry acts as something of a sequel to both Daven's Port and Buttercombe Academy; with characters and plot points from both interactives coming together for a unique experience. While it's another fish-out-of-water tread, this interactive follows Zack Tyler and Alice Carlyle as they move to the city of Abercrombie, a place with a curiously high obesity percentage. This item caters to fans of both male and female gain in a more direct way, while also allowing for mutual gain throughout their relationship. While Zack toils his way up the Hammond Hotel chain, Alice slaves away at Abercrombie State University studying fashion—allowing for individual tales to be told and a whole world of possibilities to (tee-hee) expand upon!

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