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by Fenrir
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Portals bring forth giant animals to the world.

Portals bring forth giant animals to the world.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Portals open up on a distant world populated by giant animals. Curious giants enter such portals to find themselves on a planet of a smaller scale...


This story is from a third person perspective - He/She/They. Not first (I) or second (You) perspectives.

No giant humans.

Any giant animal of any species, real, extinct, mythological or fictional.

Any body type Feral, Anthro or even Taurs.

Height can vary from a few hundred feet to five thousand feet. However, the size scale needs to stay the same for a storyline.
Unless of course there is a 'normal' size difference A 3ft Feral Wolf to a 8ft anthro Lion. But no 200ft Wolves with a 2500ft one in
the same storyline!

The giant Anthros & Taurs can be from any time period/culture.

Feral animals maybe either wild, pet/companions for the anthros/Taurs or sentient.
Pets/companions may have collars, harnesses saddles etc. Whilst wild of course won't have anything artificial.

Language - For simplicity all characters 'speak' English. Though in reality the giants have their own languages it will
be difficult to make up several new languages. Humans won't understand a giant and vice versa though to us they would both
be talking clear English

The 'small' planet is basically modern Earth with humans but it's not Earth Itself.

Real places, landmarks, buildings etc. Can be used as a reference in the story though.

New portals may open up to remove/add giants, for some reason humans can't be transported through the portals.

The story can change to follow a new giant instead, but try to leave an option to still follow the previous giant.

The giants can be harmed/ killed by each other or by humans, they aren't invincible!

Oh and 'attack' isn't always accurate. The giants could be friendly or curious but a 500ft tall giant is going to cause some damage even if it's unintentional.

Any theme is allowed apart from Zoophilia (sexual attraction to a feral character) or Bestiality (Sex with feral). Both subjects are disgusting especially in real life
and won't be tolerated. Any such chapters will be deleted.
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