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  1. Introducing the Main Character
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What would you do with a machine that creates size-changing portals?
Chapter 1

Introducing the Main Character

    by: Unexpect   More by this author
This story follows Mark, a high-school student who's obsessed with portal technology. He currently lives with his single mother and two sisters.

Last year Mark managed to repair a broken receiver and make his own modifications to it. After he showed a portal production company his modified receiver, they hired him for the duration of the summer school break. They were impressed time and time again by his modifications made to the receivers. They eventually let him perform tests on a portal device itself.

Months went by and school was going to begin soon. He requested to continue research from home while he returned to school. The executives were happy to oblige. He was awarded a full scholarship along with his own portal device to study and keep. Great riches were promised for any other new discoveries he shared with the company. He decided to keep his personal portal device a secret from his friends and family. He didn't want them stealing or messing with the device before he made new discoveries.

After months of experimentation he's finally managed to remove the limitations on the device!

Mark is giddy with excitement and wants to test the device out immediately! Mark reaches to turn off the TV and but hesitates for a moment. Mark considers using it on the screen…
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