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  1. Who's your maid
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by Ezone
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Your family goes out on vacation leving you and your maid home together
Chapter 1

Who's your maid

    by: Ezone   More by this author
You're a 16 year old boy. Your name is nick,
And you are 5'7" have brown hair, You have
6" penis, and you're Pretty much a typical
16 year old boy. Some of your hobbies include,
Swimming, Horseback riding, and gaming.
Yes you have a pool, horse's, and a few
Gaming systems

Who will be your maid

Amanda 26
5'10", brown hair, E cup breasts, and a huge ass

Amanda is a vary hot busty maid that took the maid
Job when she was on hard times, now she stays
Because your family pays her better than any other
Job would, and now in your teen years, your glad she

Jessica 19
5'6", blond hair, C cup breasts, and a regular size but

An attractive high school graduate who took the maid
Job to help pay for collage

Mary 45
5'9", brown hair, D cup breasts, and a big ass

For her age, Mary is a vary attractive woman,
Your mom met her in a book club and offered
Her a job, and she has done a great job over
The years

Or, how about a anthro maid?

Maybe you could get some tail this summer.
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Amanda

2.   Jessica

3.   Mary

4.   Anthro maid

5.   More maids

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