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by Derpus
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The mother of a squishy, gummy boy experiences a similar problem.

The mother of a squishy, gummy boy experiences a similar problem.

This is an interactive story containing 87 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are Trish Harper, the mother of a small gummy boy named Jack. Unknown to your son, you've been infected with an odd illness called the Gooey Flu that gives your body the same properties as him. You've had this illness since he was 8, but you're able to hold back the illness thanks to some special medication and live a mostly normal life (well, as normal a life as a woman with a short, malleable son can live, anyway). One day, though, your medication runs out and you have only luck to get you through until you're able to get some more. One plus side to your illness is that you have stopped aging.
In your son's teenage years, you've started a company replicating and selling gummy material and many objects that it's made from using samples of Jack's body mass.
You're pretty overprotective of your son (for obvious reasons), often saving him from situations that you think might even have the possibility of something bad happening. Now that you're vulnerable yourself, can you really look out for both your son and yourself?

[update: 10/24/17] a "prequel" of sorts can be found here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/421215

This story takes place at different stages of your son's life.

secondary characters:

Jack Harper:
(child): Your sweet little moppet of a son. Even taking his condition into account, Jack is truly an odd child. Craving independence, but unsure of himself without being by his mama's side. You'd do anything to protect your boy, even if it means putting yourself in harm's way. His adorable looks have already got him a cute little girlfriend named Mary who will grow to become his wife.
(teenager): Even though Jack is a bit more rebellious, he's still a sweet boy. He now spends most of his time with his girlfriend, with whom you've grown to see as a daughter. He has the occasional outburst every now and then, but he's still a bit of a mama's boy. You've found that the girls at school have become much more aggressive toward your son.
(father): Your son has been married to Mary for several years now, and has two beautiful daughters. Even though he's pushing 40, you still like to tease him every now and then (which embarrasses him to no end). While you get along well with the smaller of his daughters, Jillian, you get the feeling that his other daughter, Patricia (partially named after you) is up to something.

Selena Harper:
(child): Your darling, if somewhat selfish adoptive daughter. She's still very young, and adjusting to her new home, but she still acts as if you're her real mother. She has something of an odd desire to want to get squished, but you try to help her out of her habits. She isn't getting along with your son as well as you'd like, but you reason that all siblings fight. You're confident that they'll grow closer with time. You try not to spoil her, but you want her to be as comfortable living with you as possible, even going so far as to let her keep a pet kitty. It shouldn't hurt to cave to her whining every now and then. She doesn't whine nearly as much when Barbara is around, who seems to know how to get her to behave more than you do.
(teenager): Unlike Jack, Selena has grown normally into a beautiful young woman. Unfortunately, you're beginning to grow distant, and her picking on her brother has gotten even worse, especially when she has her girlfriend over. She still spends time with you, but you usually end up doing things she wants. She doesn't react well to being told she isn't allowed something she wants.
She sometimes gives you the impression that she may know about your condition.
(adult): Among your relationship with your daughter becoming incredibly tense, due to you not reacting well to her taking a job at Creed Industries. You attempt your best to get back on her friendly side, but she doesn't seem to want anything to do with you, even not allowing you to see your grandchild. Hopefully, with Barabra's help, she can find a method to get her back on your side. At least she seems to finally be getting along with Jack.

Barbara Morrison:
Your closest friend since childhood. While the two of you have had your differences in the past, and she may have her faults, but you've always felt like you could rely on Barbara. She's aged quite gracefully compared to most other women and is dedicated to keeping herself fit (though she's gotten a bit flabby). She may be nice at first, but just like you keep your secrets from Jack, she frequently messes with your son behind your back and manages to sweet talk him into keeping quiet about it. Even you've seen the inside of her belly a few times, but only with your consent. She'd never go overboard with you... right?
Somehow, despite how much time passes, she never seems to age.

Tina Evans:
The mother of your son's little girlfriend/future wife. You made quick friends with her after both of your children became close, and you've considered her one of your best friends ever since. She has encouraged you to help Jack become more independent and self-reliant and likes to organize girls night outs with you and Barbara. She's much more outgoing than Barbara and is just generally pleasant to be around. However, she doesn't like it when Jack and Mary are alone (for obvious reasons). She is completely unaware of your condition.

Mary Evans (see the links below for the bios for her other stages of growth):
(child): A cute, affectionate little girl who's taken a liking to your son. She's convinced that she and Jack are meant to be together forever and sometimes gets too carried away when playing with him. She's a little bit pushy, but Jack seems to go along with anything she does.

Jacqueline Creed: The daughter of your ex-boyfriend, Dominic, and the bane of your existence. As the CEO and owner of Creed Industries, she has more money and power at her disposal than any little girl should be allowed. Among the various products that her company produces are your medication, the price of which she's dramatically increased. If you aren't able to pay for them, you're often forced to become her personal plaything until she feels you've worked off your debt. Because her father invested a lot of money into helping start your company, she has a place on the board of directors, giving you even more pressure to keep from failing, lest she remind you of your place in life: either churning in her tummy or squashed beneath her rump.
Regardless of how much time passes, her grudge against you always remains.

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1) Trish cannot die, so don't do it.

2) Be sure to use proper grammar and spelling.

3) Make chapters more than one sentence.

4) Limit the choices. After things get to two paths, it's decision time.


6) If a there's a sudden development that doesn't make any damn sense, or if a chapter is nothing but a sentence long, I will delete the chapter without hesitation. HOWEVER if it's clear that some effort is put into it, I'll simply email you before going over and fixing grammatical or continuity errors.

7) I'm pretty wishy washy about things involving gas/toilet stuff, so email me your idea if you plan on adding something along those lines.

8) No male interactions in this version of the story.
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