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  1. The party
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Chapter 1

The party

    by: Whodon Eit   More by this author
This is it, the night of the party you've been planning for weeks now. You've cleaned your entire apartment for it, had someone look after your cat, and everything was perfect.

Slowly people started to show up, but soon everyone was here. You noticed your Ex-Girlfriend across the room, talking to some people. She was wearing a black crop top, and jean shorts. You knew why, she always tried to play the "want what you cant have" thing with you, but it wasn't working, not tonight. She was chatting with some friends, but you noticed her look in your direction a few times.

Yukiko had arrived early, she wanted to hang out a bit before the party. You always loved to be around her, but were worried you would get on her nerves a bit. You always asked her about what japan was like, and you started to learn a little Japanese as well. She was wearing one of your Slayer t-shirts she wanted to borrow because she thought she wouldn't stand out much in it, when in reality it made her stand out more.

Madison came a little late, but she was coming from the city so that's pretty normal. She instantly got with her friends and has been with them the entire night, so you haven't gotten much face time with her, but seeing how the last party you saw her at ended, that might be good so you don't go off and leave for awhile.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Being the host, and a damned good one, you checked on it. You opened it to a girl you didn't know, blonde and absolutely gorgeous, wearing short shorts and a blue tank top, it took you by surprise and you forgot to say something for a minute.

"Are you Ben?" She eventually asked.

"I..um..yea, that's me, can i help you?" You finally said, feeling like an idiot for not saying anything,

"I'm here for the party, i came with.." you heard a crash in the kitchen, completely missing who she was with. "Can i come in?"

"Um..yea..sorry about that, come on in. I just got to go check on that." You barely stammered out.

You went to the kitchen to find a plate on the ground and Yukiko standing over it, luckily it hadn't broke, but there was still a small mess of food.

"I'm so sorry! I'll take care of it!" She said but you reassured her and said you'll take care of it, and let her go talk with her friends.

After taking care of the plate and the mess, you figure you might as well have a drink, since you were here. You took a shot of rum, and was about to go on your way when you heard someone call your name. You look up to see...
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