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  1. Laundry Day
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Rated: E · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2102787
You find a magical brand of laundry detergent that lets you change into anyone you want!
Chapter 1

Laundry Day

    by: Ëtalfni   More by this author
"It's not fair," you groaned as you gathered the laundry basket from the upstairs bathroom. "Why is it whenever Janet's home, I have to be the one to do the laundry?"

Today was like a typical Saturday. Everyone was out shopping, seeing as your older sister Janet was home from college, while you were stuck doing chores around the house. You groaned as you grabbed Janet's laundry basket at the foot of the stairs and waddled down to the basement with your heavy load.

"If I was Janet, maybe I'd get a little more respect around here..." you muttered, unaware of just what was about to happen.

As you made your way to the washing machine, you stepped in a puddle on the ground from the machine. Water soaked your socks as you groaned.

"Great...Just great..."

You sighed as you removed your watered footwear.

"And all my other socks are dirty..."

Unaware of the current variables that had been set in place for you to make the impending new discovery that would forever change your life, you reached out of the clean pile of clothes above the drier and grabbed a pair of clean socks, not caring who they belonged to so long as they would do the job of covering your feet while you waited for your own clothes to get washed. You didn't even pay attention to the new laundry detergent your mother had bought with a snappy new label "Witch Wash" placed plainly in sight.

All you cared about was getting your feet dry and finishing these stupid chores before your family came back home. You weren't even aware of the fact that the socks you had grabbed belonged to...
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