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Josh obtains a power to swap traits, but only with their permission.

Josh obtains a power to swap traits, but only with their permission.

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Josh Mitchell is a normal 15 year old boy. That is, until he gets the life changing ability.

The power can be obtained many different ways (Occult/witchcraft, sci/fi, gypsy)

Special thanks to Blarg Blargington for their idea.
Permission to Swap  

The ones who are swapped are:

The only ones aware of the swap. (The reality is altered around them to make it seem normal.)
Not immune to the effects of any mental swaps. (If Josh were to swap interests with Bri, then he would find playing soccer much more enjoyable than before.)

List of characters

Josh Mitchell (15, Main Character) - 5' 5" tall with brown hair. Slight athletic build and makes mostly B's in his classes. Has few personal friends and is always willing to go the extra mile to help his friends and family.

Kim Mitchell (36, Josh's Mom) - 5' 6" with C-cup chest and shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. Works as a Dental Assistant at Dr. Wright's Dental office to make ends meet since her husband left her and the kids for his secretary. Although caring, she wants what's best for her children, even if it goes against what they want.

Courtney Mitchell (12, Josh's sister) 4' 8" with A-cup chest and shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. She is very energetic and loves to be the center of attention. She's fearless, self-centered, bratty, and spoiled. For a 6th grader, she's stylish and popular at school.

Brianna (Bri) Mitchell (8, Josh's youngest sister) - 4' 2" with Long brown hair usually held in a pony tail. She enjoys playing on her all-girl soccer team and going over to her friend next door, Jenna's house.

Katie Taylor (9, Bri's friend) - 4' with straight, black hair that goes down to her mid back and Almond-shaped eyes. Her Dad is a Sergeant in the US Army and married her Mom in Japan. She wishes to be like her friend Bri and be a tomboy, but her Mom want her to be a proper lady.

Lynn Marshall (41, Jenna and Kira's Mom) - 5' 4" with C-cup chest and Straight black hair that descends a little past her shoulders. Just made partner at the law firm where she works. Currently being over worked for the case load that she is dealing with and is in need of a Paralegal, since the couple that were working with her are now doing the work for a major case.

Jennifer (Jen) Marshall (15, Josh's friend) - 5' with B-cup chest and straight black hair that descends down her back. Having been friends with Josh since the 5th grade, she only sees him as a friend. A rather studious individual, she can almost always be found with her nose in a book. Is called Jenny by her mom and sister, Kira.

Kira Marshall (11, Courtney's friend and Jen's sister) - 4' 7" with an A cup and has her brown hair always in a pony tail. Being the younger sister of Jen, Kira was almost always a frequent guest over at the Mitchell's house. She is always found playing on her Gameboy or the PlayStation that she was able to get by saving up her allowance. Jen doesn't like that she and Josh are friends on the game system, but is starting to come around.

Megan McCulley (11, Courtney's friend) - 4' 7" with an A cup chest and curly red hair that goes down to her shoulders. Being the first born child from Irish immigrants, Megan seems to love the American way of life. From being a cheerleader to singing in the school choir, Megan seems to love it all.

Christina Goching (11, Courtney's friend) - 4' 5" with barely an AA cup and has straight brown hair that cascades down her back. Usually being quite reserved, Christina is a quiet person that would rather read a book or watch a movie than go out with friends. Not developing as fast as her friends, she feels ashamed and feels as if she is being left behind.

Josie McDaniels (12, Courtney's friend) - 4' 11" with a small B cup and has her blonde hair in a pixie cut. She is a bit of a tomboy and enjoys playing sports. Being on the volleyball, basketball, and softball teams, Josie is seemingly always tries to make everything into a competition. Lives with her Grandparents.

Leah Thomas (24, Kim's friend from Book club) - 5' 3" with a B cup and her curly black hair goes down to her shoulders. Being the trophy wife of her Major League Baseball husband, Leah has all the time in the world to take care of herself and the house. Although she does get a little lonely at times, Leah always tries to find something to do with her friends.

Ashley Reynolds (26, Kim's friend from the Book club) - 5' 8" with a C cup and light brown hair that goes down to her mid back. Being a single mom of 2 girls (4 and 6 years of age), Ashley is trying to show her children what a strong person is and works her hardest to do her best at her job as a secretary to University President.

Elizabeth 'Beth' Fletching (35, Kim's friend from the Book club) - 5' 0" with an A cup and curly brown hair that went down to below her ears. Being alone for most of her life, Beth had always fallen into the wrong crowds. But recently, she was able to get her life back together and now has her Master's Degree in Music, which allows her to teach at the local high school and has Josh in one of her classes. Ashley and Beth have been friends for the past few years and enjoy going to lunch together.

Catherine 'Cat' Marquez (35, Kim's friend from the Book club) - 5' 4" with a small B cup and has her blonde hair in a pixie cut. Having come out several years ago, Cat has been trying her best to find the right person. Being the softball coach at the local University has helped Cat with her life and sexuality. She has recently been seen with the basketball coach around town.

Mary McCulley (30, Kim's friend from the Book club and Megan's Mom) - 5' 1" with a B cup and her curly red hair that goes past her shoulders. Having Megan at a young age, Mary had never had time to do anything. After coming here from Ireland with her husband, Jason, Mary had found it hard to fit in since she stays at home and only recently started to come to the Book Club meetings to get out of the house.

Nora Daniels (10, a girl that goes to Courtney's school) - 4' 5" with a small A-cup and long dark hair that goes down to her mid back. Rides the bus with Megan to school and has an older brother.

(More to come with the addition of chapters.)

Some rules:

No excessively explicit descriptions of sex or violence. (Try to keep it PG-13 at the most.)
Both parties must agree to the transfer for it to occur, but that doesn't have to be known by the Main character.
The swaps can only be made between two individuals if they are within the same room. If others are within the room, they can see the swaps, if they know of the power. (Josh has already told them about it.)
Please no swapping with fictional characters.
Try to add at least 1,000 characters, if not able to, at least have great grammar.
No ending the story abruptly.
By adding to this story, you allow the author to fix any bad grammar and typos. If there are too many typos and I'm unable to fix the chapter, it may be deleted.

As of 8/1/18 - All 'How about' chapters will automatically be deleted.

Points will be given if the rules are followed.

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