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While visiting a new store, somebody finds a life altering artifact.

While visiting a new store, somebody finds a life altering artifact.

This is an interactive story containing 51 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Jason's family finds a new shop where everything is certainly are not what they seem.

Cast of characters:

Jason Buchanan: (16) 5' 10" in height with brown hair, Jason is always willing to try something new. But between his new girlfriend and the need to get decent grades, he has almost no time for his friends. The stress of trying to be the perfect child is almost too much for him and is looking for an escape.

Sarah Buchanan: (19) 5' 6" in height with a B cup chest and shoulder length dirty blonde hair. Having gotten a full ride scholarship at a local university where she is currently a sophomore and working towards a degree in teaching, Sarah is a little too busy for her family and her parents always try to get her to come over. Currently in a relation with her boy friend of 6 months.

Julia Buchanan: (11) 4' 9" in height with an AA cup chest and light blonde hair flowing past her shoulders. Julia is the baby of the family and always seems to get her way. However her eyes have been opened and is starting to get tired of the treatment. She enjoys playing on her Middle School Basketball team but with her lack of height, which she got from her Mom, she's one of the lesser players that sees alot of time on the bench and is a bit of a tomboy. Goes to an All Girl Catholic School and is wanting to go to regular school.

Emily Buchanan: (39) 5' 2" in height with a D cup chest and shoulder length brown hair, her hair is starting to reflect her aging body, with the grey hair starting to show around her temples. Her job a substitute teacher is what she always wanted and is always willing to spend extra time with her family.

Richard Buchanan: (40) 5' 11" in height with short black hair with some grey hair starting to show. His job as an accountant for a big firm means that he is always away on business and with his late nights at the office, his wife is starting to think that their marriage may be starting to drift apart.

Nicole Stanson: (11) 4' 5" in height with an AA cup chest and brown hair that cascaded down past her shoulders to her mid back. She became friends with Julia since Kindergarten. Living only a couple door down from the Buchanans, she is always a smiling face in the house. She is the exact opposite of her friend, enjoys wearing a dress and playing watching her friends play. Goes to the same school as Julia, but she's starting to look at boys more and more and the All Girl school is starting to drive her mad.

Peter Hilland: (20) 6' 2" in height with closely cropped dark hair. His skin is often tanned due to his love of the outdoors. He attends the same university as Sarah and is majoring in Land Management. He is a devout Christian and thinks magic is a sign of the devil.

Marie Dubois: (15) 5' 5" in height with a small B cup chest and long dark hair that flows down to her middle back. Coming from french heritage, she is fluent in the language. Her brown, doe like eyes was the reason why Jason came to talk to her, but soon found her love of video games and books to be the bridge that brought them together.

Thanks to all the original story ideas:

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Now for some rules...

1. Try to have at least 1,000 characters. The better the chapter, the more points I will award.

2. No killing off any of the main characters. (No unbirthing or anything like that, please.)

3. If some minor characters are added, I have no problem adding them to the list.

4. Please no 'How about' Chapters. This tends to take away from the story.

Now, without further to do, on with the story...
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