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  1. The Beginning
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by Amagi
Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #2124468
You get hold of a strange device.
Chapter #1

The Beginning

    by: Amagi
It is a nice Friday afternoon and you, Ryan, a high school senior, are bored sitting and waiting for the last minutes of lunch break to pass. Most of your classmates are hanging out and there aren't many people in the classroom: the only people are a guy and some girls playing phones on their seat.

You recognize Ashley, a tall blonde cheerleader, Frank, your goofy friend who recently got addicted to the stupid game "Ballz", and Zoe. Probably the hottest cheerleader at school, Zoe made it publicly known that she just broke up with her last boyfriend. It is undeniable that Zoe is one of the most popular girls here and you, despite having a girlfriend, have some fantasies about her. She's sitting diagonal from you and you peek at her phone: she is texting someone. Who could she be texting to? Hmm...

"Hi Ryan!" Your thoughts were interrupted by a accented female voice. "Where are you looking at?"

"Oh...nothing." You look up and see Rebecca, a Norwegian exchange student. It's been less than a full year since she came to your school yet everyone knows her pretty well. "Well, Mr. Gray is looking for you. You better hurry."

Mr. Gray? That's some bad news. You hate his classes. Yesterday during his physics class he asked you to state Ohm's Law, which you utterly forgot. He then went on ranting how irresponsible it is for a high school senior to not knowing something as easy as that and how unlucky it is for him to have you as student, which led to an explosion of laughs.

You sigh. Time to brace yourself.

—————————————A Minute Later——————————————

"Mr. Gray?" You hear the sound of door closing behind you.

"Ah, here you are." He look up from his aged desk. "Listen, I have something for you." He reaches into his drawer and pulls out something that looks like an iPod nano. "Here, it has the power to merge people." He hands the device to you.

"Uhh...okay?" What is he doing? Is he crazy? "It has the power...to merge people?" You ask in doubt.

"Yes. Go try it yourself. I just finished this fantastic device and I would be glad if you could...experiment with it. Don't lose it. Give it back to me next Monday along with your feedback...NOW LEAVE. You've already occupied too much of my time." His complexion suddenly changed to that of impatience and his hand raise to signal it's time for you to leave.

—————————————After School——————————————

It’s been some ten minutes since school was over, and you are waiting to cross a road on your way home. You fondle the device in your pocket, wondering what to do with it. Although it sounds crazy, you kinda want to test it out…

What do you do next?

You have the following choices:

1. Wait and test it at home

2. Test it out, now

3. Drop it on accident

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