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Ready your noses for the worst smelling gameshow on television!

Ready your noses for the worst smelling gameshow on television!

This is an interactive story containing 32 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to the StinkKink Maze, with your beautiful skunk hostess, Putrina Malodori! The nastiest, smelliest adult gameshow in existence! The prizes are immense, but so are the punisments for losing! Do you have what it takes to stay awake and keep it in your pants in the rankest place on Earth?

The rules are fairly straightforward. If a contestant can make it to the end of the maze before losing all your "lives," they win! If they lose all five lives, they lose! There is no time limit, and there are rest stops! The maze is full of traps, pitfals, and "guardians" all perfectly able to render contestants unconscious with stench! The audience is also welcome to join in on the fun! At every rest stop, the audience can vote to help or hinder the contestant with a variety of options. Contestants could end up with a stun gun, or buried under a pile of stinky socks at audience discretion!

Lives are lost in one of two ways. Either by passing out from stink, or by reaching an orgasm. Lives can be gained if a contestant manage to stink out one of the "guardians" patrolling the maze, but that's a rather difficult thing to pull off!

If a contestant loses all of their lives, they are brought to the Room of Judgement where our lovely hostess will spin the Wheel of Punishment to determine what the loser must endure! The ten possible fates are listed below:

1. A full-body skunking from Putrina!
2. Life as Putrina's slave!
3. A new job as a maze guardian!
4. Getting petrified and made into a maze decoration!
5. A whiff of Putrina's sneakers, guaranteed to make you forget the past year!
6. Another go at the maze!
7. Being turned into clothes for Putrina!
8. A nice, long, brainwashing, ending with you becoming a slave to a guardian!
9. An entire day's worth of post orgasm torture!
10. Death by farts in the Stink Box!

Contestants may come from all walks of life, even some light offense criminals may compete for the prize of early parole! At the start of each episode, we will show you a stat card for the current contestant with the following information:
A Small Bio:
And the contestant stats, which are rated on a scale of 0 to 10:
Stench: (The stink potential of the contestant)
Sensitivity: (The contestant's ability to handle stink, higher means more succeptible)
Endurance: (How long the contestant can last before an orgasm lower means less time)
Likability: (How much aid the audience is willing to give you)

One last thing, some guardians in the maze have green, softly glowing irises. These guardians are considered "elite" and should a contestant lose their last life to one, there is no punishment wheel. The elite decides their fate.

At the moment, only one elite guardian has been found by contestants, the Stinx! The Stinx is a huge Sphinx woman who at first, won't seem to smell at all. In actuality, she's enchanted her body so only a direct sniff will give someone that knockout stink! And when we say knockout, we mean nobody has ever stayed awake past one sniff. The Stinx will ask a contestant three riddles. If they get the first wrong, they'll be knocked out by her paws. If they get the second wrong, they'll be made to faint from her breath. If they get the third wrong, she will gas them out. If a contestant gets all three riddles wrong, the Stinx will keep knocking them out until no lives remain!

And that's all for now! Tune in tomorrow for the first episode of the StinkKink maze!

Aaannnd now for a few author notes: Potential contestants can be human or anthro animals while guardians can be the same, or can be feral animals or mythological creatures like Sphinxes. No Pokemon this time unless there's a real big demand for it! Also, while some other kinks will be allowed, stink should obviously be the main focus, andas always, I don't want scat, watersports, or gore in this.
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