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Lincoln is shrunk thanks to Lisa and has some adventures
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Chapter 2


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Lincoln had his eyes covered in fear of who had found him until a voice said "Lincoln is that you?" he uncovered his eyes to see lori his oldest sister Lincoln sighed with relive and said "lori its great to see you I don't know what happened but I've shrunk I need your help" lori looked in confusion at him and said "what do you want me to do?" Lincoln thought and said "get me somewhere to think" lori thought and decided to take Lincoln to her room and said "ill take you to my room because Leni is out shopping" Lincoln loved the idea but said "you better conceal me if the others see me I will never get back to normal"

lori was about to respond when luna was play her guitar caused lori to panic and to shove Lincoln in the front of her panties as she snapped her panties Lincoln was pressed next to her pussy sending a shiver up her body and she bit her lip as she turned as she past luna she said "hello luna how are you?" luna looked and said "okay dude working on a new jam for my gig tonight" lori continued to her room but luna had suspicions the way lori was acting as she entered her room lori them entered her room and closed her door she was about to pull Lincoln out when she felt him struggling

as he wiggled lori placed her fingers over were Lincoln was started to masturbate and started to push him inside Lincoln opened his eyes to see pure darkness and heard lori say "oh Lincoln you little miracle" soon Lincoln was pushed all the way inside of her virgina as he looked around and as he looked the walls closed in then he heard a rumble and lots of white liquid forced Lincoln clean out his sister passing out as he flew out lori then pulled Lincoln out of her underwear and placing him on the bed and started to say "Lincoln speak to me come on Lincoln" nothing Lincoln stayed unconscious

lori thought and said "oh the new ace savey comic just arrived" Lincoln woke and said "where is the new comic?" lori started to tear up as Lincoln stood up even if he did sink in the bed a little bit as lori pick up Lincoln and said "lets get you cleaned up" Lincoln was confused as lori tied a piece of string around his waist and brought him up to her face lori then opened her mouth and lowered Lincoln inside and licked him all over as she pulled him out he was sparkling placing him back on the bed looking at each other what happens next......
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