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A Shrinking story where you get REALLY small!

A Shrinking story where you get REALLY small!

This is an interactive story containing 296 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

This is a story where our main protagonist finds a shrinking device, and when he uses it he (or his target) will always shrink to an incredibly small size. How small is up to you, but the maximum size will only be about a millimetre or two. But enough about that, let’s meet the girls that you’ll become a mere speck next to:

Ethan: You. Not much else to say really.
Feel free to just imagine yourself here :P

Kathy: Your mother. She’s kind, nurturing and loves you, but what will happen when your usually short mother becomes an ultra-tall goddess? Especially when she doesn’t like bugs…
She's about a head shorter than you, with shoulder length brown hair. She takes care of herself but is just on the verge of letting herself go. Her body proportions and measurements you would describe as 'above-average' for someone of her size. She enjoys relaxing more than she does doing work or chores, but she'll force herself to do them when she needs to.

Jacqueline: Your Older sister. She used to pick on you when you when you were younger but she focuses on your other siblings now. Maybe she just liked picking on those smaller than her…
She's fairly tall, approaching 6'1, and is in good shape, since she plays sports in her free time (I'll say Volleyball, but the sports not that important :P). She also has brown hair, but it's much longer, though usually tied back. Her frame is more toned, but she makes it work. She has a tendency to assume things, and is overly judgemental.

Emily: Your Younger sister. She’s still a teenager so she’s entering her rebellious bratty phase of adolescence. She’s a bit of a wildcard, who knows how she’d react to all of this…
Of all your sisters, Emily looks the most like a younger version of Kathy, even being the same height and sharing hair length and colour. Although she's a little thinner. She's a bit spoiled, despite not really getting preferential treatment that often, but does often complain about things not going her way. She's the laziest member of the family, which you can see when you look at the mess her room is.

Naomi: Your Youngest sister. She’s entering puberty soon, but she still enjoys playing games with her big brother. Although lately she’s been messing with the ants out in the garden…
Unlike everybody else, Naomi has black hair, that curls at the tips. Her dress sense seems to trend towards your style over your sisters, oddly enough. She's still young enough to be completely full of energy at all times, and can be tricky to control, especially with how stubborn she can get. This clashes with how carefree she is the rest of the time, so most of you just try to keep her happy. Due to her age, she's the shortest member of the family, being a little under 5 feet tall.

Bianca: Your girlfriend. You’ve been going out for a few years so she can usually come over to your house unexpectedly. Would it be better to let her know or keep her unaware?
Bianca's really short, only being 5'2, but she 'makes up for it in other areas' is what she usually says to you when you tease her about it. She has shoulder length black hair and fairly sizeable 'assets' as you might say. She usually wears sandals or shoes with large soles/heels to boost herself a little higher, and is usually the loudest person in the room.

Ashley: Your girlfriends best friend. She usually tags along whenever the two of you hang out. She’s a bit of a tease, mainly towards you.
Ashley rivals Jacqueline in height, which makes it look extra silly when she and Bianca hang out. Although she's much softer around the edges. The first thing you noticed when the two of you met was her ass, and you're fairly sure she knows, since she always wears tights or exercise pants whenever you're together, but you don't dare ask. She's got waist length blonde hair.

Cynthia: Your neighbour. She’s your mother’s age but you’re friendly enough to be on a first name basis. She usually visits to have chats with your mother.
Cynthia has short blonde hair, and is about 6ft. She's dressed the same way the entire time you've known her, which is just a t-shirt and either jeans or a denim skirt. 'It's my style', is how she defended it when you asked her once. Despite sharing ages, looks older than your mom, and even has a daughter of her own, but she's probably the second most playful woman you know (Next to Naomi).

And many more!

As for any ‘rules’, feel free to take the stories in any direction that you’d like, so long as the chapters are readable, a few sentences at least and follow along with the previous ones. I actually enjoy death so feel free to get our hero crushed, eaten or whatever else you can think of if you want that to happen. Go nuts!
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