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During his first year at Beacon Jaune learned hypnosis. Now he's gonna use it for mischief
Chapter 1

The Beginning

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During his first year as a student enrolled at Beacon Academy, Jaune Arc was... well... kind of out of place. He was the bottom of the barrel as far as his classmates were concerned, and while he did have friends, they also tended to mock his less-than-stellar combat abilities, and inability to use semblance

They thought it was all in good fun, and that Jaune didn't take it personally... but in truth he did. It really bothered him that he was so outclassed, and mocked even by his so-called friends and team mates.

One day, Jaune happened upon an online hypnosis course. His curiosity piqued, he decided to give it a go and learn the methods of hypnotism, thinking that domination over minds may give him the edge that he never had before.

He spent months learning techniques, studying various sources, taking classes online, and rehearsing inductions.

Time rolled by, and his second year at Beacon had begun. Maybe a week in, Jaune finally got up the courage to try out his newfound ability.

The question is... who would he go after first?
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