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During his first year at Beacon Jaune learned hypnosis. Now he's gonna use it for mischief
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Chapter 2

Blake Belladonna

    by: Mindcollector   More by this author
Jaune had come to his decision... but had no real plan for how he was going to pursue it.

He'd decided on Blake. The issue is that he knew there was no way in hell Blake would ever agree to be hypnotized in a million years. He couldn't work the "do it for a friend" angle because the two of them weren't exactly close. He couldn't use a problem solving tactic because Blake would never even tell him about her problems. He couldn't issue a challenge because she wasn't that hot headed. It was all too difficult...

He spent hours mulling over ideas. But he stumbled onto something. In his studies he'd learned about subliminal messages. They weren't incredibly powerful, and would likely take a while to take full effect, but he knew that as his only real option. It was his hope that her extra two ears weren't just for show and may speed the process along.

Jaune created a small track of subliminal messages, and got a small speaker which me put right beneath Blake's pillows. If she discovered it she'd probably think nothing of it. It was just a small speaker playing what was more or less a very VERY light static. She'd probably assume it was a prank by Ruby or Yang.

Jaune had it all set up. The track gave Blake a single command. A trigger word he could use on her. "Cat nap". This would drop her into a trance and make her open to more suggestions. Plus, it's an easy phrase to slip into conversation.

Jaune waited and waited. About a week went by of these subliminal messages and Jaune decided to take the risk. Nora had rushed out to buy... well... Jaune didn't really understand it. Some weird thing only Nora would want, let alone understand, and Pyrrha and Ren got dragged along. So he sat next to his door, out in the hall, waiting for Blake to show herself.

Time passed by and eventually Blake approached her room, some light reading material in hand.

"Jaune... why are you sitting outside?" she sighed.

"I uh... locked myself out of the room." he chuckled.

"Why not go get a spare? I'm sure they have some. Or just call Pyrrha?"

"Pyrrha and the others are in the city. It'd be a while before they could get back. And I'd go down there but honestly I'm just too tired. All I wanted to do today was go into my room and take a little... cat nap."

As the words exited his lips, Blake's eyes went wide and glassed over. She dropped her book onto the floor. Jaune was shocked. It had worked! He opened the door to his dorm which, obviously, was never REALLY locked, and ushered the hypnotized girl inside.

He excitedly planned his next move, adrenaline filling him. What does he do?
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