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by JStein
Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fanfiction · #2183022
Everyone's favorite purple-haired Goth girl has a series of bizarre adventures.
Chapter 1

First Set Of Story Prompts

    by: JStein   More by this author
Here's the first set of story prompts to work with.

Gaz and the Horrible Nightmare World: Gaz is always threatening to send people to horrible nightmare worlds when they anger her. Well, now the shoe's on the other foot, as a magical incident traps her in the world of her worst nightmares.

Game On: Trying out a new VR gaming system, Gaz finds herself trapped inside her favorite games and must fight to escape before it's game over for her.

Gaz Goes Au Naturale: A teleportation mishap leaves Gaz stranded far from home. Worse, her clothes didn't make the trip. Can she get to safety without facing utter humiliation?

Through the Looking Glass of Doom: Gaz falls through an inter-dimensional portal into another universe. Can she survive and make it home?
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