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A daycare is run by a diaper company to test their products. Follow kids and scientists!
Chapter 1

Starting Off

    by: ShadowBlade   More by this author
The Tyla Daycare has three rooms, for different stages of development.

Which one will we follow?

Room 1: The Caterpillar Room

For infants, from 3-12 months. Here, babies are learning to explore their world and move-so we test Wrigglers Stretch, to help them move and go. We also test the thick wipes, as babies's changing diets mean hard to clean diaper messes.

Room 2: The Cocoon Room

For young toddlers-about 12 months to 24 months, or two year olds. With children getting their feet, it's no wonder that here we test Wrigglers Slide-Ons, for squirmy toddlers. We also test on-the-go wipes in easy to carry packages-Thicky-Gos, Sensative-Gos, and Clean-Gos.

Room 3: The Butterfly Room

For older toddlers. It's sort of split in half-the half that's testing the bigger sizes of Streches and Slide-Ons, and other young toddler products, and the potty trainers, who are testing our Rovers Trainers, our Flushies, and bathroom products like Super Soap and Handy Clean.
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Caterpillar Room.

2.   Cocoon Room.

3.   Butterfly Room.

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