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Someone is given the power to steal or swap traits from whoever they want to, again.

Someone is given the power to steal or swap traits from whoever they want to, again.

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Hi! I'm the author of this interactive, ipee234 (I know, stupid name). This is basically a follow-up to a story about someone using (mostly abusing) their power to steal traits from other people. All the events that happen here are three years after(3 years after) the events of my original story 'Trait Theft'. You can find the link here: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2170031-Trait-Theft/map/1

Now that's out of the way, let's get onto some characters:

Daniel 'Danny' Bronson: He will be the main protagonist in the story. He's Caucasian with bright green eyes and short, messy black hair. He's 18 years old and stands at 5"10. He's quite clever but he gets bored easily and likes to act out a lot. He's got two best friends, Garry and Sherrill, who he hangs out with in and outside of his sixth form college and has just started a relationship with his long-time crush, Dawn Clark. His favourite sibling is his older sister Megan who is also known to have a rebellious streak.

Megan 'Megs' Bronson: Our second main protagonist is 25 years old. She has dull green eyes and has regressed slightly from her punk phase, sporting long beach wave bangs, died from its original brown colour along with a couple of piercings. She stands at a small-ish 5"5 with small B cup boobs and a small butt. She used to go to college but dropped out to join a punk rock band called the Punkopaths as their lead singer and guitarist with her mates Lindsay and Kelly. Although she has had many boyfriends, Megan doesn't mind 'experimenting' every once in a while. Her current fling is an innocent looking redhead called Hannah who is very kind and timid, the direct opposite of Megan. Conflicted between how cute her bandmates', Kelly and Lindsay, two-year relationship and how annoyed she is at how little time they spend practising as a band now.

Gabrielle 'Gabby' Bronson-Carter: Danny and Megan's 40 year old mother and the third main protagonist. She is very calm and reserved, except for when she's either scolding Danny and Megan or arguing with her ex Barry. She works as a secretary for a secret government agency devoted to creating ways to change the human anatomy- through 'exotic' means. Has best friend, Diann Dickson, who also works at TG. She stands at a petite 5"4 but has large D cup breasts that have started to sag and a large butt. She has pale blue eyes and brunette hair that is normally kept in a bun or a ponytail and she doesn't wear a lot of makeup. She also (not so) secretly has a favourite child in Kourtney. Although she invited her younger sibling, Susan, to live with her family, she is starting to regret it as Susan is not just a bad influence but Gabby feels that her kids would rather spend time with their cool aunt than their mother.

Other characters:

Kevin Carter: Husband to Gabby Bronson-Carter, father of Kurt and Kourtney Carter and stepfather of Daniel and Megan Bronson. A decorated US Army soldier, Kevin was shipped out to see a secret British company that were working on developing better soldiers (Transformation Group). There he met Gabrielle where they had 2 illegitimate children before eventually marrying. He is 6"5 and built like a tank with giant rippling muscles. Kevin has a short, blonde army crewcut and pale blue eyes. Works part time for Transforming Genetics as security. His biological children adore him but Danny and Megan are very withdrawn and hostile towards him.

Kurt Carter: Standing at 6'2" and with an intimidating physique at 22 years of age, Kurt is basically a younger version of his father, albeit his dusty brown hair. Although he is a swot and a know-it-all, Kurt can be very funny and approachable. He is fiercely loyal to his family and won't let people disrespect them, making him Danny's second favourite sibling. Kurt excels in sports and has received an all expense paid scholarship from a prestigious college to play basketball. He idolises his father and always seeks to impress him. His hopes of either becoming a pro athlete or lawyer are still looking quite. He’s currently living most of his time at his college dorm but can still be seen at the Bronson-Carter house from time to time.

Kourtney Carter: Kurt's sister. Kourtney is 17 and stands at 5'11" (she's stopped growing), with large C cup boobs and a large round ass (which she teases her 'big' sister Megan about). She has long, luscious blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, making her one of the most popular and sought after girls in her high school. She is intelligent like her brother, Kurt, making her adored by teachers and students alike. Her only downfall is that she knows this and this makes her aggravatingly arrogant and cocky. She struts around school but finds sometimes that she misses her lackeys Kay and Kellie who've gone to a separate sixth form.

Susan Bronson: Gabby's 24 year old sister. Susan is new to the cast, only recently moving into Kurt's vacated room a couple months prior because of a 'minor dispute with her landlord over a couple of unpaid bills'. She's very artistic (or so she believes), a self-proclaimed 'quadruple threat' doing acting/singing/dancing/drawing. She resembles Gabby's attractiveness but younger and w/out stretch marks: 5'6" with lush blonde hair, pale blue eyes, large D cups and a firm backside like her older sister. Gets on well with everyone, especially Kourtney who she talks to about fashion, boys and the rest.

Dawn Clark: Danny's new girlfriend. She is in the year above Danny and is built like a model, slender with large boobs and wide hips. She's black and is from Australia, giving her a cute accent that charms all the boys. She is 5"9 with a pretty face, beautiful amber eyes and curly black hair. Although they'd lived next to each other for over a decade, Danny had never picked up the nerve to talk to her, resolving to just admire her from a distance before she finally asked him out. She and Danny go well together, both enjoying video games and the occasional prank.

Imra Lynch: 16 year old new student at Kourtney's school. She's very similar to Kourtney in many ways: she's attractive, intelligent and very conceited. She's got luscious, shoulder length brown hair, plump D-cups and svelte curves on her 5'6" hourglass figure. Imra could either be a friend, a rival, or even something more... ;)

Barry Henderson: Danny and Megan's biological father. He is 6"1 and slightly overweight. He always wears sunglasses over his green eyes and a biker's bandanna over his black mop of hair and wears a leather jacket, jeans and boots to go with his biker look. He also rides around on his authentic Harley Davidson motorbike. He is the unofficial manager for Megan's band the Punkopaths and is also in his own rock band the Ruff' Riders. He can do no wrong in the eyes of Megan and Danny, which annoys their mother to no end. He is on bad relations with Gabrielle and whatever conversation they have always spirals into a heated argument.

Rick Thompson and Garry Bennett: Danny's former (Rick) and current (Garry) best mates. All were inseparable as they have been mates since they were born. Rick is white, short and quite tubby but is braver- or stupider- than anyone Danny knew, refusing to back down to anyone about anything. Once they graduated from high school Rick began hanging with seedier crowds and distanced himself from his oldest companions. Garry is the opposite aesthetically; he is black, tall and lanky and does well in pretty much everything. He can be quite loquacious and won't stop talking until you force him to. His only weakness is girls- he freezes up every time one tries to speak to him. He also gets mercilessly taunted about his MILF mum's involvement in an adult movie Danny had found. Carol (or Cassie as she was called in the film) has giant, surgically enhanced breasts and buttocks which she always flaunts in tight, curve hugging dresses.

Louise Turner: Danny's best friend (apart from Garry). Studying psychology. Louise has difficulties connecting and emphasising with those outside her social circle due to her egotistical personality, coming off as arrogant and selfish sometimes. She's not really that attractive: she's 5'4" with mousy brown hair, small A cups and dorky spectacles. Although she may struggle to realise when she's said something too overboard, she is generally tame and easygoing when amongst friends.

Jenny Thompson: single mother of Rick Thompson. Has 8 kids: Richard, 26, Layla, 24, Brittney, 20, Rick, 18, Freddie, 13, Imogen, 11, and Rose, 5, and Daniel, 3. Works at Transformation Group with Gabby and Diann as a cytologist (study of cells). Can be a very funny and sociable person but is subject to random moments of anger.

Hannah Johnston: Hannah is a 20 year old student at Danny's college and also Megan's current fling. She's very cute and innocent looking: 5'3", decent B-cups with an average figure, dorky glasses and crimson-red hair. Hannah is very kind, compassionate and timid (skills useful for her ideal job of being a vet), a direct contrast of Megan's brash, self-centred and outgoing attitude. While Megan may just see their relationship as a quick fling, Hannah believes in a long-term partnership and does everything to make Megan happy (e.g. going to Punkopath gigs, setting up equipment, scissoring, etc.).

Kelly Wong: Megan's best friend and band mate, making one third of the Punkopaths. 25 years old, same age as Megan. Plays the bass and backing vocals. Kelly is seen as a disappointment to her parents and carries this burden on her back. They were intelligent computer programmers from strict Chinese backgrounds. When Kelly told her parents she'd dropped out of school to join a rock band with her friends her mother and father broke down in tears. To add insult to injury, she came out as bisexual to her parents and they kicked her out of her house. Kelly wears heavy black makeup and has large, unkempt black hair. She's 5"2 with C cup boobs and wears trademark black bobble hat. Used to wear other gothic clothes but leans more towards what her girlfriend chooses for her. Now in official relationship with bandmate, Lindsay, for two years, which makes her noticeably more upbeat.

Lindsey Garrett: 25 years old and best friend of Megan. Lindsay's parents are wealthy real estate agents and she lives in a large apartment that her parents paid for her and that all the girls shared. Her parents don't really care what Lindsay does, as long as she enjoys herself. She plays bass guitar. Lindsay is very bubbly and kind, joining the band just for a good time. She's tall at 5"11 and has braided blonde hair. She has hypnotic hazel eyes that are hard not to lose yourself inside. She's no longer as self conscious, due to Kelly's influence, wearing more feminine so as not to cover her DD cup boobs and big butt. She's the drummer or the band. In a serious romantic partnership with best friend and bandmate, Kelly, and often falls into lipstick lesbian stereotype.

Kay and Kellie Dickson: twins that used to hang out with Kourtney wherever she went until they went to separate sixth forms. They are completely identical: both are 17, both are black, both are 5"6, both have shoulder length hair that's frizzy and brushed over one side of their face and both have the same voice. It's nearly impossible to tell them apart as they even behave identically. Although they are not as pretty as Kourtney, both attract their fair share of boys, specifically Garry who's awkwardness around girls stopped him from asking one out.

Diann Dickson: Kay and Kellie's mother. She's about 5'7" and has large E cup boobs. A former cheerleader in high school, she is always trying to keep in peak physical condition with toned muscles and abs. Gabrielle Bronson-Carter's best friend and colleague at Transformation Group.

Reggie Dickson: Kay and Kellie's father. Former convict. Is 6'2" and muscular. Shaved head and has loads of tattoos. Spends time smoking something or gambling away money. Not liked by neither Kay nor Kellie.

Transforming Genetics Characters:

Reginald Lockheed: founder and head scientist of the secret company, Transformation Group. He's bald with a grey, wispy beard. He is 6'1" and 70 years of age, requires a cane to get around his workplace. He is of the mad variety of scientists and he has devoted his life to developing a way to get young again (possibly by stealing over's youth, perhaps?). Dislikes Ms McGee as he wants to carry on his research in secret instead of turning TG to a cosmetic company.

Magnus Fischer: 26 year old geneticist at Transformation Group. 5'8"- wears large round spectacles. Has neatly combed blonde hair and prefers to wear a tie and shirt opposed to casual clothes. A genius but is very shy, especially around Diann, who many male workers have a crush on. His only real friend is new colleague, Nabila, who he harbours some feelings for.

Trent Lockheed: 28 years old, 6'3", very handsome with rugged blonde hair. No genius by any standards but he can be clever at times. Very vain and pompous, only has a job because his dad owns department. Sexist and rude. Has taken on Ricardo's attractive daughter, Tatiana, as his personal assistant, mostly for her looks, hoping to seduce her. However, he's been unsuccessful so far which irritates him.

Ricardo Perez: 58 year old Mexican man working as a janitor at Transformation Group. Short at 5'5" and is always seen with baggy blue overalls, low rimmed blue cap and a large, bushy greying moustache. He is very lazy and can normally be seen either reading a newspaper, sleeping or just walking around aimlessly. Has a 17-year-old daughter, Tatiana, who's very wayward and... expressive with her dressing and sexuality.

Sharon McGee: the owner and financier of Transformation Group. Although she is 45 years of age, she likes to pretend she's younger by wearing skimpy and outgoing clothes with lots of makeup. Has had lots of cosmetic surgery, enlarging her breasts to a H cup and making her butt very large. Black haired with blue eyes. She wants Dr Lockheed to provide a way for her to become young again and also wants to make TG into a public cosmetic company.

Riley Ripling: Front desk operator. Is only about 22. About 5'3" with B cup boobs. Wears her brunette hair into a long ponytail and wears stylish circle-rimmed glasses. Can come across very uncaring and rude but it's because she has a very laid back and nonchalant personality. Normally when she's bored she'll whip out her phone and hop onto a dating app, surfing through the different boys (and occasionally girls) to get over her boyfriend Finn.

Jake and Jenny Duckhold: inseparable brother-sister duo. Both have red hair, green eyes and casual specs. Jake is an engineer while Jenny is an analytical chemist, allowing them to work in sync and in perfect harmony together. Jake is handsome in a geeky way and stands at 5'11" while Jenny is quite cute standing at 5'6" with pert C cup breasts. Both are 25 years old and are very intelligent, both graduating at 15 years old. Megan Bronson has a secret infatuation with Jake while Jenny has a not-so-secret crush on Kurt Carter.

Rebecca Gray: R&D supervisor. Stands at 5'8" normally but is elevated to 6'1" with her signature black stilettos. Has raven black hair done in a pristine bun and dark chocolate coloured eyes. She has a long pointed nose and always wears a permanent scowl with a high pitched nasally voice. Dressed always for business. Doesn't understand the actual science but believes that when they look like they're working it normally means productivity.

Professor Richie Kendrick: 48 year old palaeontologist (specialises in fossils). 5’6” African American man. Although he is not at the young age that most of his colleagues are, he's very sociable and gets on with everyone. A portly man that's way past his prime and has small square spectacles and has a shiny, bald head. Outside of work he has a family of 5 with his wife Yolanda and kids Craig (26), Harry (19) and Brenda (17).

Tim Lao: 30 year old bio-engineer. He comes from China and, while he speaks near perfect English, has a reasonably distinct Chinese accent. Measures at 6'0" and has a bowl cut with large specs. Very smart but can be very naive as he doesn't know the local customs.

Rosa Marchesi: 37 year old physicist that originally came from the Italian branch of Transforming Genetics. A MILF that keeps in peak physical condition despite having 2 kids with her boyfriend Fernando. Is 5'7" with plump C-cup boobs and a toned ass but she tries to hide her assets in plain clothes and baggy lab-coat. Can be controlling at times but she always realises when she's piling it on too much and stops, making her very popular with her coworkers. Has long brunette hair with blonde highlights and has stylish Armani glasses.

Rachel Cartwright: 27 years of age and has bright ginger hair and piercing green eyes. She's even shorter than Gabrielle standing at 5'2". Is a bit of a tomboy, wears no makeup (except for special occasions) and chooses to wear baggy hoodies and jeans with beaten up trainers. Wouldn't admit it but she had a not so secret crush on Trent Lockheed- that was before she got engaged to her fiancé, Luke- making her one of the few people that can actually stand him. Works at TG for PR and is very social and approachable.

Aamil Abdi: 29 year old engineer at Transforming Genetics, formerly from Somalia. He has milk chocolate coloured skin with dark waves in his hair. Standing at about 5’9”, Aamil can be very intimidating despite his limp physique. He can be very hot headed and confrontational, sharing a mutual dislike with Trent Lockheed. Lives with his 65 year old parents and younger sister, Azhar.

Nabila Hussain: 26 year old geneticist at TG. She’s 5’5” and slightly more voluptuous than her coworkers. She’s a Pakistani Muslim and wears a hijab everywhere she goes. Nabila has a very persistent personality, determined to make a name for herself at her new workplace. She has a good relationship with Magnus as they had studied together previously. She has some feelings for him but is still waiting for him to make the first move.

Emily (Emmy) Thompson: bubbly physicist at TG. 26 year old Caucasian and 5’4 with C cup boobs. Very hyperactive and erratic, Emmy is a bright young woman that many times talks more than she really should. She speaks with a light but distinct American accent as her father’s from LA but her mother is from London. Has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that’s either tied into a messy ponytail or left hanging loose. She’s trusting and very social and tries to be friends with everyone.

Carson Wright: 20 year old apprentice janitor at TG. He's extremely handsome: 6" with matted blonde hair, clear blue eyes with a chiselled frame and jaw- assets that would make any woman start drooling. However, Carson is more inclined to the male species, currently in a strained relationship with his partner, Robert.

Jes Roberts: 21 year old account manager (she works on the relations with clients) working at Transforming Genetics. She's originally from France so she has a hint of a French accent whenever she's speaking. She's lesbian and also an extreme feminist, believing that woman are not just equal but superior to men. Still she holds Dr. Lockheed with high regard and obeys his instructions unerringly. Jes is 5'3" with dyed black hair, peachy skin with a C-cup rack and a decent figure.

Tatiana: Ricardo (the janitor's) 20-year-old daughter who's very wayward and... expressive with her dressing and sexuality. This beautiful brunette is always clad in a pair of tight jeans and crop tops, rarely ever seen in anything formal unless explicitly forced to be. This helps accentuate her pear-shaped hips, large backside and overflowing DD-cup rack. Instead of going off to college, she's taking a gap year to gain work experience as the PA to Trent Lockheed. She's very aware of his flirtings with her but pretends to be oblivious to watch him squirm.

Marv: 39 years of age and strapping something fierce. This gentle giant, of mixed Jamaican and English heritage, is generally fawned after by the ladies at TG for his muscular physique and kind demeanour. Under his throbbing biceps and chiselled features lay a soft heart and a hardworking attitude that makes him a dependable addition to the company. He'd worked with Reggie (until he was fired) to help with organising the assorted lab equipment into the adjoining warehouse. He is now married to his wife, Missy, who mostly stays at home to look after their baby, Alex(andra).
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The workers I've added to TG are not the only characters there but the main and most relevant ones. Feel free to add any additional character you feel like! Just remember to have fun! 😁
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