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  1. Characters and Setup
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Nondescript high school girls growing larger and more beautiful than those who taunt them
Chapter 1

Characters and Setup

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The Characters...
The following are the main characters in the story. All of the following characters are friends...

Emily is a 4'11" 84 lb. blond-haired girl on the junior varsity cheer squad. She is the smallest girl on the team and is a "flyer" (the girl who is tossed up in the air by the larger cheerleaders). The larger, more developed girls on the squad make fun of her short stature and lack of development. She has a sister, Emma, on the varsity cheer squad, who is a pretty 5'4" 115 lb. girl who makes fun of her younger, less developed sister as well. Emily would give almost anything just to cross the 5'0" mark!

Kat is a 5'0" 90 lb. redhead. Her mom forces her to go to ballet class twice per week, where she is picked on by the other girls. She is clumsy and small and has difficulty executing the moves in dance class. She has acne and braces and is an only child. Her mom puts pressure on her to be elegant, charming, and beautiful, but she feels anything but.

Maria is a 4'10" 82 lb. Latina girl. She is a point guard on the JV basketball team, but rides the bench most of the time, due to her lack of strength and height. The other girls on the team make fun of her tiny stature and lack of athleticism. Her brother is a year younger but 6 inches taller than her and constantly shows his superiority when they shoot baskets in front of the garage at home as well.

Jessica is a 4'9" 78 lb. Asian girl who wears glasses. She is the youngest of three sisters. Her parents love music and want their girls to excel at it. The oldest is about to start college in the fall on a music scholarship. The middle sister is about to start her senior year of high school and is an immensely talented musician. Jessica is in the school choir, but she is small and shy with a squeaky voice. The more beautiful, more developed girls in choir taunt both her looks and her singing ability. Her eldest sister encourages her, but the middle sister belittles her.

Another Character
Make up your own character!

The Story Begins...
Two weeks before the school starts, a girl walks into a dusty antique book shop. She sees an ancient-looking Venetian leather-bound book with faded lettering on the cover--

The Burgeoning Book.

When the girl opens the book, it seems to be a collection of short stories about girls who grow larger and more beautiful. A strange sort of glow seems to emanate from the pages as it is opened, and the girl feels a strange tingling sensation as her eyes scan the pages. She closes it and purchases it with all of the cash that she has, then takes it home to read the first story.

Which girl found and purchased the Burgeoning Book?
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Emily

2.   Kat

3.   Maria *

4.   Jessica

5.   More Characters

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