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  1. Congratulations, a winner is you!
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by Wendy
Rated: E · Interactive · Fantasy · #2208611
One day you get the power to use challenges to alter reality and transform
Chapter 1

Congratulations, a winner is you!

    by: Wendy   More by this author
One night while sleeping, Matthew Monet an average loser, had a dream. This in itself isn't out of the ordinary, though the fact he was in a crowd and everyone was naked was odd. Looking around he could see everyone was just confused as he was, though no one could make a sound. That was until a disenbodied voice spoke.

"Congratulations! You have been randomly selected to receive a boon! I grant to all of you a portion of my power, the ability Wager! With it you can alter reality in the name of wagers, bets, and the like! Use this power to set the rules, set penalties, and rewards! Use it well!" With that there was a bright flash and Matthew woke up.

Not sure what made him believe that the dream was real, he decided to
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