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by Fenrir
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Follow one of many main characters swapping traits in a variety of scenario's.
Chapter 1

Character Selection

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Mick Magnus (5'7'' 20 years old): An average looking guy and quite short for his age. He is skinny but still has some muscle, has dark blond hair and prefers to spend his days playing games and listening to music. He's a college student and is quite smart, but lazy, easily agitated and often makes sarcastic comments. He has no girlfriend or sisters and he has moved to a student apartment across country from his parents.

Sarah Griffith (5'6'' 18 years old): An attractive and outgoing girl and is usually the center of attention. She attends high school and everyone knows her due to her desire to always be noticed. She's skinny but has some nice feminine shapes, has long blonde hair and sings in her spare time with some friends and her boyfriend in a small band. She isn't the brightest of minds and can be a bit bitchy at times and still lives with her loving parents and brother.

Craig Russell (6''0' 32 years old): An athletic guy in his early 30's and is considered by a lot of woman to be quite handsome, mostly due to his physical shape. He's recently divorced and currently has no direct interest in a relationship. He currently works as a gym teacher at a local high school and has a very approachable attitude. He's got black combed back hair and lives alone in an apartment with his German shepherd.

Lisa Turner (5''8' 28 years old): A very attractive young woman currently employed as a hairdresser at a fairly well renown salon. She's the owner and tries to look her best at all times. She's a bit shallow at times and will always try to seem nice to eveyone's face, but can be a very devious vixen behind their back. She's got long brown hair with highlights and a visible amount of make-up at all times, has no husband currently but is no stranger in the art of seduction.
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