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  1. Saving your life
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Chapter #1

Saving your life

    by: Gamelover55
You wake up in the hospital after you passed out in your house from the fatal illness you have. The doctor then comes in “I’m sorry Adrien but there is nothing we can do unless you want to partake in our new experiment that might just save your life” you say yes to this and ask him how this experiment would work “well” says the doctor. “We would graft your head onto someone else's body. This would be permanent; you would have to share a body for the rest of your life.” You tell the doctor you will do it. The doctor then tells you “We do have a number of people interested in being donors”. “In fact, some people you know have offered to pitch in”! the doctor hands you a list you look it over, surprised at who was listed. You decided on...

(Before I continue I just want you all to know I have a bad case of Covid 19 so I won’t be posting as many chapters so if you add a chapter to the story please place [F] down below to show your respect to me and that you care thanks and I hope I get better)

You have the following choices:

1. One of your family members

2. One of your friends

3. A pornstar

4. Made up

5. Other

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