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Come visit a world like, yet unlike our own, be it in history or reality.
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Chapter 2

A world here magic is real

    by: Johnny Foxx   More by this author
In this reality, every human being has the capability to use magic, though some are of course, better at it than others. Rather than using wands, most channel magical energies through their bodies, realeasing it from their hands. Various schools exist across the globe, teaching and training children how to use and control magic in various ways.

So, who do you wish to follow?

Ned - Often called "Ned the Nerd" by pretty much the whole school, Ned is an outcast with glasses, braces and an acne covered face. Just about everyone abuses him in one way or another because of his feeble magic skills. Or at least, they used to be feeble. See, Ned's been studying a lot of spells lately, and practicing them every night before bed. He also happens to have discovered a spell of his own creation, one that lets him drain another's powers and add them to his own. Now it's time for some payback.

Elvira - The resident goth. Has a morbid fascination with the dead and death in general. Secretly practices necromancy, which is highly illegal. Wants to turn herself into a lich to gain greater power, as well as immortality.

Winnie - Adept at magic, but is more interested in alchemy. Specifically, a potion to make her more beautiful than the most popular girl in school so she can take her place.
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