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Characters from the Dragon Ball franchise get diapered for various reasons. Have fun.

Characters from the Dragon Ball franchise get diapered for various reasons. Have fun.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
So, the characters of the Dragon Ball universe are getting diapered for reasons you get to decide. Be it age regression, experiments gone wrong, never potty trained, etc. And I will allow any era of the Dragon Ball universe to be used. Original, Z, Super, GT.

Things that are allowed:
1. Diapering.
2. Breastfeeding.
3. Age Regression
4. Unbirth
5. Lesbian couples
6. Babying
7. Using the Dragon Balls for Gender Swap.
8. Bad Guys turning good.
9. Future Trunks stuck in the Z era's or Super era's present. (His past.)
10. pregnancy

Things Not allowed:
1. Gender Swap without the use of unbirth or Dragon Balls.
2. Gay male Couples. (This includes using Gender Swap to make Gay male couples.)
3. Age regression to the point that the character is not conceived. (Sperm and Egg Are Separate.)
4. Using the Dragon Balls to kill of characters.
5. Killing off the characters.
6. Destruction of the world of universe to end the story.
7. Heavy description of usage of diapers.
8. Cock vore
9. Oral vore
10. Breast vore
11. trying to use loopholes to get around things listed that are not allowed.
12. Cell's character
13. Majin Buu's character.
14. No Time travel. (This excludes having future Trunks stuck in the Z or Super present.)
15. Age Progression to elderly age. (I know Roshi's already like 900 years old, but no progressing him or others further.)
16. No absorption. (One reason I said Majin Buu and Cell are not allowed as characters interacting with the others in the story.)
17. No Miscarriages if someone's regressed to the time a woman is pregnant with the character.
18. No Abortions. (This is considered killing a character.)
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