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by Tisch
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You have the power to shrink and explore at school, what shall you do?

You have the power to shrink and explore at school, what shall you do?

This is an interactive story containing 108 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Jack (main character): 16 years old, Jack is beginning his Junior year at Tahoma High School. He has an athletic build with dark brown hair and heterochromatic eyes (brown/blue combination). Given his condition, he’s plenty popular with the girls, yet he doesn’t have the ability to go for the girl he himself likes, Rachel. Jack’s father is deployed in the military, so he doesn’t see him much, but he has a caring mother in Carey, with two sisters, Isabella, who goes by Izzy, and Lucy.

Carey: 44 years old, Carey has maintained a very fit and curvaceous body. Despite her age, she still gets the occasional gawk by a male passerby with her curly brown hair and soft, brown eyes, accompanying her body well. She’s loyal to Jack’s father, despite him not being around very much, and is very caring towards her three children.

Isabella (Izzy): 14 years old, her body has already matured very well and attracts boys from a variety of grades. Her long, flowing brown hair and blue eyes make an equally impressing match in comparison to her body, wooing many who get to know her even superficially. A bubbly personality, Izzy likes to tease her brother quite a bit, but nonetheless cares for him deeply.

Lucy: 12 years old, her body has not yet developed like her sister, but her looks are possibly even more impressive than her siblings’. With long black hair and deep brown eyes, her looks accompany her mischievous personality very well. Similar to her sister, Lucy likes to have her fun with Jack, but also like Izzy, has a deep compassion and admiration for him.

Rachel (Jack’s crush): 16 years old, Rachel is also beginning her Junior year at THS, like Jack. Her hourglass shape makes many boys in and out of her grade go crazy, but she has her sights set on Jack. Rachel considers him a really close friend, but is keeping her true feelings for him secret. If he was in any trouble, Rachel would be the first to answer the call of duty.

Emi: 19 years old, Emi is Rachel’s older sister. Even with her very curvaceous body, Emi doesn’t seem to attract the right crowd for her liking. Although in college, she has seemed to take a liking to Jack, unbeknownst to him. Emi is a very opportune girl and would take advantage of any situation in her favor, especially if it involved Jack.

Bridgette: 17 years old, she is one of Jack's neighbors and one of his closest friends. Since they live so near to each other, they talk and hang out very often. Even though they're so close to one another, neither really feel that they should try and break into a relationship. Bridgette always is willing to protect Jack whenever necessary, regardless of what the situation may be.

Derek: 16 years old, Derek is Jack’s closest friend, aside from Bridgette. They have been friends ever since elementary school and have enjoyed hanging out a few weekends at a time for years. Derek has dirty blonde hair and likewise with Jack, an athletic build. He always comes to the aid of Jack whenever necessary and Jack does the same whenever Derek is in need.

Eiko: 14 years old, Eiko is an exchange student from Japan, speaking fluent but broken English. Her exchange family lives across the street from Jack, allowing them to interact most days before, during and after school. She has relatively short black hair, dark brown eyes, and paleish skin. Despite her age, she has an extremely matured body, with DD cups and a butt to match. Ever since she arrived at Tahoma, Eiko has grown extremely attached to Jack and wants to be around him whenever possible, sometimes too much for Jack’s liking. If a situation ever arose where Jack would be put in a position of inferiority, Eiko would immediately take advantage of it.

Brittany: 15 years old, Brittany is Eiko’s exchange host. Her petite figure doesn’t bring the attention of many, but she doesn’t mind much. She is of Asian descent, with longish black hair, tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. Her happy-go-lucky attitude attracts her many friends, and that’s enough for her. In terms of her relations with Jack, she’s fond of him, especially since they often walk to school or ride the bus together since they live in such close proximity.

Mia: 18 years old, Mia has finished growing into her body, and her Latina background certainly does her many favors. Even though she’s a grade ahead of Jack, she shares many of the same elective classes as him, and as such, has gotten to know him pretty well. A very playful spirit, Mia always likes to tease Jack, especially with her body.

Trish: 17 years old, Trish is the traditional popular, cheerleader student. She has dirty blonde hair and a build that many boys, regardless of grade, drool over. She shares a few classes with Jack, but doesn't normally talk with him. Her thoughts about Jack are unknown.

Jessica: 15 years old, Jessica is closer to being a goth than about anyone Jack knows. She's not full out goth with black everything, but she likes to wear stockings and fairly dark makeup, which actually compliments her dark eyes and black hair very well. Under the darkish posterior, there is a very possessive, playful and mischievous spirit. Even though they don't talk all the time, Jessica really enjoys being around Jack.

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