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Ready fellow freshman to embark a journey of small proportion of size? No? Too Bad.

Ready fellow freshman to embark a journey of small proportion of size? No? Too Bad.

This is an interactive story containing 6 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are freshman student, Alex Wells, going to Grimwall High school, a school in town that is garner as a rather difficult school to get into, and a school that is just as difficult to stay in due to the grade requirement by the end of the semester. You heard that you must be either the top of some academics to stay in, or have some deep pocket to afford the cost of enrollment which thankfully is very few students. However, that will not matter to you as you go about your day in school, soon to end up in a predicament, with you ending up about 1/10th of a inch tall. Best you either find the right person in this school to either help you or survive as everyone goes about their day. Will you survive in the end, will you end up at the bottom of someone's shoe, or would you end up becoming far too small for anyone to spot you, only your choose will tell in the end.

Alex Wells (You): About 15 years old, 5 ft 2 in, light skin and shaggy hair. A rather plain looking kid that most of the students ignore, mainly due to you really not having that much of high academic skills to speak of. You only got to this skill out of pure dumb luck thanks to your parents and that's it. This is your first year in Grimwall High school and only a few days in and you are in the adventure of your life as you get shrunk to the size of a very tiny ant. Wonder how well things will go.

Diana Grams: About 16 years old, 6 ft 3 in, very dark skin skin with a petite body dark hair that goes to her shoulder, makes a cute pony tail. A girl who in all honestly is not exactly the most well like person in school. While she appears attractive in appearance great in science, she is rather non talkative towards everyone and comes across as very boss. You remember you first time with her and she order you to help with a science project with a remote, and got upset when you brought her one wrong part. Some classmates says she can be nice, or at least not so bossy, when she isn't focus on a project. Sadly, she's always focus on a project. Doesn't help you is that it feels like she doesn't really value you or some students that much, hearing that she sometimes forces someone to be volunteer for her projects when she doesn't have one on the spot. Hopefully she will be nice to you someday....hopefully.

Angela Queens: About 17 years old, 5 ft 6 in, light skin with a fit body and orange red curvy hair that goes to her neck. Quite the peppy girl, she is a member of the cheerleader squad, head cheerleader you think you heard. She is like by some, but she can be consider too annoying by many. She doesn't bother you too much as she is one of the few students in the school that will at least talk to you once in a while, provided you bump into her in the first place, though she barely remembers you considering how little time you have been in this school. Other than having some problems in some classes, mainly math, she is pretty ok to ask for some help. She also is said to have quite the sweet tooth and can be selfish about candies.

Becky Homes: 18 years old, 5 ft 4 in, light tan skin with a regular size body and dark brown hair that goes to her back. Rather a weird book worm type of girl as she is mostly spot in the library in school. She is said to be one of the smartest girls, giving Diana a run for her money to some classes when the two are around, consider to be rivals by some people. However, whenever you talk to her, she usually says some of the strangest stuff that you really can't understand. You can't tell if she's shy or trying to ignore you as she focus on reading a book. Still, it probably wouldn't hurt to try to get to know her if she has the potential of being a good friend.....you think. Though you are aware she has a disdain for bugs and anything that is potentially messy, which makes you wonder if maybe she maybe a clean freak.

Victoria Rose: 15 years old, 5 ft 7 in, Slightly dark skin with a regular size body with light brown hair that goes to her waist. Consider by many to not only be the spoil child of the school, but a rather annoying bully that likes to take advantage of situation as long it benefits her and as long she can get away for it. She only manage to get to this school because her family paid the enrollment fee and that's it. You remember your first time encountering her, very rude towards you as she force you to help carry stuff around because she doesn't want to carry anything by herself. You actively try to avoid her, maybe even goes as far as hiding behind some classmates like Diana or a teacher or principle to avoid her for the day.

Ellanor McCain: 36 years old, 6 ft 6in, Light skin with a regular body but a rather large chest with blonde curly hair that goes to her back. She is the principle of the school, and consider to be very love by everyone. She has a kind motherly like personality while appearing ditzy at time, though that mainly a trick for her to see what student or staff member tries to get away of breaking some rules. She can be seen walking around the hallways to make sure no student is ditching school while also seeing if some someone does need some form of help with something. You can't honestly tell if Ellanor is supposed to be some kind of genius as you heard that she is some kind of great inventor, or someone who manages to get the title of principle for years of work, as she does at times doesn't know some basic solution to some basic question, mainly cooking. But the amount of time you met her, she has proven that she can be a very helpful woman...now if only she wasn't so tall to you that you already feel like a bug to her.

More characters to come when I can think of some, otherwise, don't be afraid to come up with a character or two yourself.

1) This is primarily a heavy shrinking focus gts unaware story. Yes, growth sequence can happen, though I prefer to see shrinking sequence instead.
2) Alex is the main focus of the story, so please keep the story on him. If you want other characters to get involve by the shrinking action, then make sure that Alex and co are sticking together for the most part.
3) There are no size limit. So you want Alex to stay 1/10 of a inch, go ahead. if you want him to be the size of a doll, go ahead. If you want him to shrink down to nothingness with no hope to ever grow back to normal size, go ahead. However, make sure there is a reason why his size changes, instead of just saying, "He shrunk for mysterious reasons." and that's it.
4) Anything is allow, just no gross bathroom stuff like pee or other stuff like it. Also, no body part size changing stuff, just in case someone tries to throw that in here. Yes, main character can die, just asking to not get too graphic with the details, some of us are squeamish.
5) Please no painful short sentence or one sentence chapters, I will delete those chapters on the spot. I also want at least a paragraph with good grammar for the chapters as well. If i see extremely poor grammar in the chapter, will delete those as well.
6) This is a giantess focus story. Male characters can be involve, but if it involves Alex, then something has to happen to them to be at Alex's size or at least shrunk as well. Females can shrink as well if you want.
7) If you want to introduce a character that isn't listed on the character list I made, go ahead. Just make sure you give some sort of description, like age, height, or stuff like that.

Other than that, have fun.
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