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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2235985
Ready fellow freshman to embark a journey of small proportion of size? No? Too Bad.
This choice: Alex tries to get to the remote to see if he can wait for the owner to come back · Go Back...
Chapter 2

Head to the source of the problem

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Alex realizes that it would be far too dangerous to go out and try to find anyone to see him and help him out to grow him back to normal. For all he knows, someone might see him and easily mistaken him as some sort of bug to crush beneath their foot, and that's if they don't crush him before they even spot him in the first place. To top it off, there would be no telling if he can even climb anyone to get any chance to get their attention. And by the time he probably find someone and get their attention, the owner of the remote will probably return and take the device away from the room. So the only and possible safe option is to go to the remote and see if the person that made the device comes back hopefully soon. However, first thing first, he has to get to the device and try to climb it before said owner returns.

With not really much of any options to pick from, Alex makes his way to the device. The device was a bit far for Alex, almost like a mile away, making him think he toss the remote further than he thought when he got shrunk. Running to the device wasn't really that much of a problem as its practically a straight line for Alex, its just having the endurance to keep running none stop. It taken him about ten minutes before he started to get a bit winded from running nonstop, though sees that he makes a lot of progress that he's about a third away from the device. He figures that he'll make it to the device in about five minutes after catching a second wind. That is until....



Alex hears a voice that echoes in the room, something that made him tense up as he immediately realizes that someone is in the room, and he's still on the floor. He then felt the terrifying tremors of earthquakes as the source of the voice started walking, with many booming footsteps easily felt from Alex's position.

"What's this doing here?"

Alex recognizes the voice, making him turn nervously as he looks high up and sees far in the distant and looming over like a living titan is....
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