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  1. Welcome to Morph City
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It's the near future, many people have become anthros. How does one live in this world?
Chapter #1

Welcome to Morph City

    by: TomSketchit
Morph City. On the surface, it resembled most other large metropolitan areas; tall buildings, a mostly grid-based layout, businesses everywhere, apartment buildings in the city and large communities in the suburban areas around it.

The difference, of course, was that everything in this city was built with Morphs in mind. A human in Morph City would find that everything was just a bit bigger than normal, shifted to suit the larger average size of most Morphs. It was enough to make the average human feel a bit like a child from the size difference. Naturally, most of the people living and working in this city were Morphs, various well endowed animal people walking around, going about their business like usual. Billboards and giant screens showed advertisements featuring scantily clad Morphs posing to promote whatever they were paid to. Public sex was fairly common and not as frowned upon as it was in other places, as the local laws were also designed around the highly sexual nature of Morphs.

For the Morphs that lived here, life was good. And the atmosphere was generally very welcoming to visitors and new citizens.

Now, the question is... who will we follow?
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