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by bobob1
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2240540
You, a one inch tall college graduate, accidentally move in with three normal sized girls.

You, a one inch tall college graduate, accidentally move in with three normal sized girls.

This is an interactive story containing 270 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is a re-upload of 'A Shrunken Roommate' by 'phantomstriker' that got deleted. Some chapters may be missing as they were unrecoverable.

(Inspired by and set in the world of A Shrunken College Student - https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2178043-A-Shrunken-Colleg...)

Backstory (written by Hectic)

A lot has changed in the past 25 years since the great shrinking epidemic swept across the world. In an event that some called a medical mystery and others called an act of god, a type of shrinking virus spread to every corner of the earth, affecting part of the population while leaving another part completely fine. Those who fell victim to this virus rapidly shrunk down to one inch tall, but at the same time gained a strange durability and malleability that has baffled scientists and doctors alike. However, the tiny people were not ones to complain about these newfound characteristics, as they were the only things preventing their lives from being taken by a stray step or anything else of that nature. The third most interesting aspect about this inexplicable shrinking is the fact that only men seem to have suffered from it, with women across the world remaining completely unaffected.

From the first day of the shrinking event it was expected that society would change drastically, and while it definitely did, surprisingly much of it remained the same. There was no evil women’s takeover or forced servitude of the now smaller men. For the most part, many men who had a job that did not require physical labor of any kind were able to continue living somewhat normal lives. Certain laws were put into place which prevented too much malicious behavior from befalling the tiny men, but these were really only enforced when a woman would purposefully try to kill, kidnap, or otherwise torture them. The vast majority of the time women would get away with any accidents between them and the tiny guys with a small slap on the wrists.

Your Story

It's been 25 years since the shrinking pandemic, and the world has fallen into a pretty standard cycle once more. People have (more-or-less) adapted to the drastic changes in daily life, and the abnormal has become routine. You were born tiny, and have lived your whole life at the measly size of one inch. Life's been rough sometimes, but you're still alive and kicking. You've just graduated from Wentworth University after four years of college life, and have no idea what to do next. Searching for a cheap apartment online, you found a spacious offering in a suburban community called "Sanderson", with a deal to spilt the rent four ways, with three other people. Agreeing to these awesome terms, you got caught up in your excitement and forgot to click the "Apartments for Tinies Only" button.


Main Characters

Hunter Woods (You) - The main character, and 21 years old. You have tanned skin, and are decently muscular due to how often you find yourself climbing/lifting things. You've got a head of sandy brown hair and similarly brown eyes, and you tend to consider yourself fairly attractive. You're good at a lot of things, but never settled on a specific career path and instead went with a basic degree in Communications (how cliché). You tend to be pretty outgoing and extroverted, which can get you into trouble from time to time. You aren't sure of what your future holds for you, but you're open to all possibilities. You can also be slightly perverted, but not in a truly creepy way.

Morgan Sinclair - One of your new roommates, and 22 years old. She has dark tanned skin, long and wavy chocolate brown hair worn straight down, and hazel eyes. She stands at 6'0", and her presence can be a bit intimidating due to her height and her toned, decently muscular body. This, however, is a complete disservice to her personality. Morgan is energetic, friendly, compassionate, and has a good sense of humor. She's willing to help out anyone in need, at any time. She just so happens to also love exercising and playing sports, which has lent itself to her tanned skin and toned physique. It's hard to ignore her physical charms too, as her sizable, firm curves are incredible.

Morgan has just landed a job as an employee at the local gym, "Workout World", where she is assigned to help patrons in need, clean up used equipment and the like, and occasionally teach weekly yoga classes. In her spare time, Morgan exercises constantly, and has joined up with the Sanderson community basketball team that plays matches down at the local park. She makes friends easily, and isn't above teasing those closest to her. People can always turn to her for camaraderie and support.

Avery Sinclair - One of your new roommates, and 22 years old. She is Morgan's twin sister, though the similarities mostly stop there. While she has the same dark tanned skin tone, her hair is dyed with streaks of bright pink, and often worn in a ponytail. She's a fair bit shorter, standing at 5'8", though still miles taller than someone like you. Avery possesses Morgan's positive traits, but dialed up to eleven. She's extremely happy-go-lucky, bouncy, and carefree. Prone to fits of laughter and huge smiles, Avery brightens the day of everyone she comes into contact with. She's blessed with the same bountiful body as Morgan, but due to a little less exercise, her curvy chest and butt are a bit heftier and jigglier than her sister.

Avery recently scored a well-paying gig as a model at a local photo agency, "Starlight Studios", which has always been a dream of hers. Smiling for the camera while clad in some of the most scandalous and revealing outfits imaginable is nothing to a girl with so much body positivity. This confidence bleeds over into her social life, as Avery can come off as overly affectionate and flirtatious from time-to-time, along with being a bit of a prankster. On top of this, Avery is frequently teased by Morgan for being scatterbrained and oblivious, often at the worst possible times. Avery doesn't let this get her down (and by extension, doesn't try to fix her airheaded tendencies). Heaven forbid someone gives her any alcohol. She is also openly bi-sexual.

Quinn Wallace - One of your new roommates, and 23 years old. Quinn has paler, smooth and milky skin in comparison to the Sinclair sisters, and her dark black hair is cut in a short bob, bangs covering one of Quinn's piercing blue eyes. Quinn is a tad shorter than Morgan, standing at 5'10", and her demeanor frequently turns people off from her. Quinn is soft-spoken and reserved, with a seemingly apathetic attitude towards life. When she does speak, it's usually biting sarcasm. In reality, Quinn just doesn't know how to fully open up and express herself, and doesn't mean to push others away. Ironically, Quinn still draws in so many people wanting to know her, and for a reason completely out of her control: her body. Quinn won the genetic lottery, and is a very curvaceous young woman in all respects. She thinks of herself as "fat", but most people would call her "thicc".

Quinn applied for a job on a whim in an attempt to get outside more often, and was actually hired. As such, she's the newest lifeguard working at "Sanderson Beach", tasked with looking over the beach and helping any one in need. She hasn't had to actually rescue anyone yet, and always lathers up with veritable buckets of sunscreen to keep her pale skin safe in the heat of the day. It takes her a long time to open up to other people, and she can be standoffish until she fully trusts someone. She shares some of Avery's obliviousness, but half the time it is because nothing really bothers her enough for her to take notice. If it involves tinies, she'll often treat them in a manner akin to "tough love".

Minor Characters

To be added in the future!

Quick Rules

This story is written in second person (you, your, etc.) Please keep it that way. However, if you want to write a bit from someone else's perspective, third person can work for that when needed.

Hunter cannot die. He can only be squished, squashed, flattened, stretched, and anything else you think of. He will reform in time, given the chance to do so. Keep the story going!

Try not to write chapters that are exceptionally short. A bridge chapter from time to time is just fine, but too many and the story starts feeling weak.

Lastly, avoid heavily sexual/insertion content and any giant male content. Basically, just don't introduce any other guys into the story, UNLESS they too are tiny. That could be interesting (just make sure Hunter is always the main character). Everything else goes.

Read, add, and enjoy!
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