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A tiny, malleable guy attempts to navigate life and an internship at a law firm

A tiny, malleable guy attempts to navigate life and an internship at a law firm

This is an interactive story containing 13 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Background (Written by Hectic)

A lot has changed in the past 25 years since the great shrinking epidemic swept across the world. In an event that some called a medical mystery and others called an act of god, a type of shrinking virus spread to every corner of the earth, affecting part of the population while leaving another part completely fine. Those who fell victim to this virus rapidly shrunk down to one inch tall, but at the same time gained a strange durability and malleability that has baffled scientists and doctors alike. However, the tiny people were not ones to complain about these newfound characteristics, as they were the only things preventing their lives from being taken by a stray step or anything else of that nature. The third most interesting aspect about this inexplicable shrinking is the fact that only men seem to have suffered from it, with women across the world remaining completely unaffected.

From the first day of the shrinking event it was expected that society would change drastically, and while it definitely did, surprisingly much of it remained the same. There was no evil women’s takeover or forced servitude of the now smaller men. For the most part, many men who had a job that did not require physical labor of any kind were able to continue living somewhat normal lives. Certain laws were put into place which prevented too much malicious behavior from befalling the tiny men, but these were really only enforced when a woman would purposefully try to kill, kidnap, or otherwise torture them. The vast majority of the time women would get away with any accidents between them and the tiny guys with a small slap on the wrists.

You have never known life without the existence of tiny men, being born one yourself. You didn’t have the easiest time growing up, no tiny guys have, but you have done better than many considering you made it this far.
You recently graduated with a law degree from Owentown University but, due to a considerable amount of your time at university spent missing classes due to being squashed in various places, you didn’t have the best grades. This led most law firms to reject you, the combination of middling grades and lack of experience going against you. You managed to secure an internship at “Martinez, Anderson and Roberts”, a local law firm, in the hopes of gaining some experience.
You live in Owentown, in an apartment building which has been retrofitted to house both tiny guys and normal sized people, which you moved into shortly after finishing university, so you haven’t had a chance to get to know many of your neighbours yet. Strangely it seemed that the previous tenant had just disappeared and hadn’t been seen for a few months before you moved in.
Our story starts just as you are about to start your first day as an intern.


Anthony Little (You)- The main character, and 22 years old. You have pale skin and are decently fit, owing to a lot of running and climbing to avoid the various hazards that plague the life of a tiny man like yourself. You have a head of short black hair and blue eyes, you would consider yourself fairly average when it comes to attractiveness, although many women find most tiny men cute so it has never held you back too much.
You are very intelligent, although easily distracted, and you are able to find creative solutions to most of the problems you find yourself in. You are kind and friendly towards others, often to a fault, sometimes being unable to say no to a request that you know will be unpleasant for you. You are also guilty of having wandering eyes on occasion when dealing with the incredibly attractive women who seem to find their way into your life.

Greentower Apartments
The apartment building you live in. The building is three floors, but your “apartment” is located on the bottom floor. You live in a tiny habitation box that has been installed in an old storage closet which has had the door removed. There are several of these boxes stacked on top of each other, with an elevator connecting each of them to the floor level. You live in the bottom block.
The habitation boxes themselves are like mini apartments, with both electricity and running water. As far as accommodation for tiny guys goes, they are on the better end of them.

Bonnie Fraser- One of the two women that live across the hall from you. She is 23 years old, stands at 5’11” tall and is originally from Scotland, which is obvious from her faint accent and occasional Scottish vernacular sneaking it’s way into her speech.
Her incredibly pale, freckled face is framed by a mane of curly, ginger hair. Her icy blue eyes and full lips project an almost constant air of friendliness and optimism. She is playful and friendly, and from the few conversations you have had with her since you moved in it is obvious she finds tiny guys adorable, as she was incredibly flirty with you.
She works at a nearby dance studio as an instructor, and is often seen dressed in her tight clothing that she wears to her work. Her tight clothing shows off her curvy body, which has been enhanced by the toning it has received through years of dancing.

Violet Quinn- Roommate of Bonnie Fraser, and lives in the apartment across from you. She is 22 years old and is 5’9” tall. She has short blonde hair and pale skin. Her brown eyes and flawless skin, as well as her physique attract attention that she is usually very uncomfortable with. She is a shy and timid girl, and constantly wears baggy clothes that do little to hide her enormous curves.
She has an enormous sweet tooth and hates exercise, a fact that she owes her curves to, possessing quite possibly the biggest ass you have ever seen.
She is in her final year of a culinary degree and works part time at a local bakery.
Your few interactions with her have been fairly awkward, her shyness making holding a conversation with her difficult. She seems to talk fine with Bonnie, however, so it seems that her shyness fades once she gets to know people.

Chloe Kim- One of the residents of Greentower Apartments, she lives down the hall from you. She is a 20 year old woman who’s parents emigrated from South Korea before she was born. She has short black hair and a fair complexion, with emerald green eyes. She stands at 5’5” tall.
She has a form that you could tell was once petite, but a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise has led to her putting on a fair bit of weight. Her weight is mostly concentrated around her hips, giving her a sizeable rear end.
Chloe works remotely as a programmer and earns extra income by streaming on Twitch. She loves video games and can talk about them endlessly. She also loves food, particularly Mexican food, she finds spice something of a challenge and enjoys eating the spiciest stuff she can get her hands on.
She has an unusual attitude towards tinies, she is relatively unobservant around them, often squashing them without realising. This isn’t through any ditziness on her part, she is just unwilling to make the effort to look out for them. She is also unwilling to go out of her way to help them once she has squashed them. She’s not mean, per say, just lazy. When she isn’t squashing them she is fairly kind and talkative normally, treating tinies no differently than she would a normal sized person.

Taylor Smith- Your new landlady. She is a 42 years old African American woman with short, curly black hair framing her youthful face, which makes her look years younger than she actually is. She is 5’8” and is one of the curviest women you have ever met, primarily in her monumental chest, which is one of the largest you have ever seen.
She is incredibly warm and welcoming, and was towards you when you initially moved in, but after finding out you were a lawyer her demeanour towards you changed. Now she looks at you with disdain. She hasn’t said or done anything to you yet, but you are definitely afraid to step out of line with her.

Gabrielle Smith- The daughter of your landlady, Taylor Smith. She is 20 years old, 5,8” and shares a similar skin tone to her mother. Unlike her mother, her hair is long and flowing, reaching down to the middle of her back. She has been blessed by her mother’s genetics and sports some impressive curves as well.
You have yet to properly meet her but you have seen her in passing. Little do you know that she is the reason your apartment was available since she decided that the previous tenant would be better as her insole. She is incredibly cruel and enjoys torturing tinies, a fact that her doting mother is fully aware of and simply sweeps under the rug.
She is currently at college studying cosmetology and loves to do both her own and her mother’s makeup, as well as practice all of the various things that she learns at college on her mother.

Martinez, Anderson and Roberts
The law firm you are starting an internship at. It is a decently sized law firm and is the largest one in Owentown, it is located in the downtown area, on the third floor of an office building. It is only around ten minutes from your apartment to a normal sized person.
You interviewed with all three of the partners in a meeting, and two of the three of them voted in favour of giving you a shot as an intern. You need to be sure to keep a good impression with the partners, as they will decide at the end of the year whether they will take you on as an associate.

Diane Martinez- One of the partners at M.A.R., and one of the two partners who voted to take you on. She is 36 years old and has blue eyes, dark tanned skin with long, black hair almost constantly pulled back in a ponytail. She is relatively short, standing at 5’5”, but that still makes her miles taller than someone like you, and sports fairly prominent curves, which are untoned from lack of exercise due to her job keeping her busy.
She has worked incredibly hard to get to the position of partner, and acts with utmost professionalism. She is incredibly kind and considerate, but that attitude fades towards anyone who embarrasses her or makes her look bad in front of a client.

Mia Anderson- One of the partners at M.A.R., and the only partner who voted not to take you on as an intern. She is 38 years old, with pale skin and blue eyes. Her auburn hair is constantly tied up in a bun. She is what many people would describe as a short stack, standing at only 5’2” and has very large curves, which look all the more massive on her small frame. She is always seen sporting very expensive business wear which is stretched to their limits by her curves.
She views tiny guys as bugs and finds them distasteful. She thinks that by taking you on as an intern the firm will damage it’s image, so she will take any opportunity to convince one of the other partners that they should fire you.

Olivia Roberts- The third partner at M.A.R., she voted in favour of taking you on as an intern. She is the youngest of the managing partners at the firm, at 31 years old. Her gorgeous face, deep blue eyes and plump lips are framed by blonde hair which flows down to her unbelievably wide hips.
During your interview with the partners you had to stop yourself from staring at her. She always shows off her generous curves and beautifully tanned skin by wearing business dresses that hug them tightly, and shows off a deep neckline, as well as a good amount of her legs.
Between her good looks, massive curves and flirtatious nature she is capable of getting anyone to do whatever she wants, which is what she owes to her success as a lawyer. She voted in favour of hiring you because she finds tiny guys cute, but didn’t do it to be nice. She sees you as another person who she can wrap around her finger and get to do what she wants.

Rebecca Lewis- Your high school bully, and first year associate at M.A.R. She is 23 years old, and was in the year above you in school, but you haven’t seen her since she graduated.
She towers above you at 6’1”, with long, curly brown hair and green eyes. Her imposing figure is enhanced by her mammoth curves, which have been sculpted by years of playing volleyball, both in high school and during her time at law school. She has tanned skin from constantly practicing volleyball outside in her free time.
She spent years in high school tormenting you, from simply making you feel small by a constant barrage of insults, to throwing you onto a teacher’s chair before they sat down or her shoe before a volleyball match. Her daily torments at school caused you to develop minor anxiety issues that you had only recently began to recover from.
You haven’t actually had your reunion with her yet, but you did see her at a distance and all the terrible emotions she elicited in you came flooding back. She may have changed, after all it has been years since you’ve seen her, but you doubt it. You fear that she will use you and her working in the same place to relive some of her high school memories, and the embarrassment that will cause you may hurt your image in the eyes of the partners.

Isabella Martin- Another intern, she interviewed at the same time as you and you had a brief conversation with her while you were both waiting for your turns.
She is tall and curvy, standing at 5’10”, with short cut black hair and dark tanned skin, and is 22 years old. Her eyes are a vibrant green colour and she beaming face radiates a friendly warmth. She carries a considerable amount of weight, and sees herself as fat, but many people would describe her as “thicc”.
She is kind and considerate, and during your first meeting with her, she stopped someone from accidentally sitting on you, showing that she is observant and would look out for you. What you don’t know is that awareness disappears when she sits down to do legal work. She isn’t as smart as most of the people who work at M.A.R., and being a lawyer doesn’t come naturally to her, but she makes up for that with perseverance and had work. However, her focus on her work leads to her being incredibly forgetful and unobservant when she is working.

Your family is local to the area round Owentown, and your childhood home is just 25 minutes drive outside of the city. You are the youngest child in your family, and don’t know your father, since he left when you were very young without warning.

Deborah Little- Your mother, she is 45 years old and 5’11” tall. You inherited her black hair and blue eyes, but that is where the resemblance ends. Where you are of average attractiveness, Deborah is on a whole other level of attractiveness. Her long black hair and gorgeous face turn many heads, but not as much as the rest of her does. She has tremendously wide hips and a shirt-straining chest, your friends in high school regularly called her a milf, bringing you no end of embarrassment. For her part, Deborah seems unaware of her own sex appeal, and chalks up most of the attention she receives to people just being friendly.
Deborah is kind and caring towards you, but she was also one of the more dangerous people for you to be around. She happens to be one of the ditziest and clumsiest people you know. You spent many days in your childhood stuck under her feet or ass, and she never really seemed to realise how bad it was for you whenever it happened, never altering her routines to avoid squashing you. On the contrary, she often found the sight of you reduced to a tan smear underneath her funny, her airheadedness made her just assume that you found the situations you got into funny as well. She also would simply continue what she was doing after discovering you, saying that she would free you when she was finished, but she would often forget you again before she finished. This was a common occurrence and you were often left squashed until she either remembered you again, or someone else spotted you.
You often felt that she favoured your sisters over you, but you feel like that was never intentional, it’s just that due to you being squashed a lot that she spent way more time with your sisters than you.
She works as a salesperson in a luxury car dealership, and makes enough money that she can afford to pay for your apartment while you take on your internship.

Sarah Little- Your oldest sister, she is 27 years old. She is blessed by your mother’s genetics, inheriting her good looks and curves, but has long blonde hair instead of black. She stands at 5’9” She has brown eyes and a warm smile on her face almost always.
Sarah is one of the kindest, most considerate people you know and is basically your best friend. While your mother was inattentive due to her airheadedness, Sarah was always there for you. She was most often the person who saved you from Deborah’s accidental crushing, and you two have an incredibly strong bond.
She works in a local hospital as a nurse, so you don’t see her as often as you would like, but she does live in the same apartment building as you. She lives on the third floor of Greentower Apartments, and it was actually her who told you about the vacancy.

Katherine Little- Your older sister, she is 25 years old. She has a much slimmer build than your mother and oldest sister, but is still blessed with some impressive curves. Her long blonde hair constantly has a streak of green dyed in it, to match her eyes. Facially she is probably the most beautiful of your three family members.
Almost completely contrasting from Sarah, Katherine is selfish and self absorbed. She is also incredibly inconsiderate, owed to your mom spoiling her for years. She find it hilarious to squash you or watch others squash you without realising it, and has set up various social media accounts dedicated to these “pranks” which all have huge followings. She makes her money as an Instagram influencer and also streams games on twitch. She lives at home with your mom and shows almost no desire to ever leave, since your mom is there to cater to her every need, a fact that keeps Katherine happy and gives Deborah joy to have one of her children home.

(More characters to be added in the future)

All entries are to be written in the second person (you, your, etc.), but feel free to switch to their person if you want to briefly describe what one of the giantesses is experiencing in a scenario, for example “As you compressed under her weight with a barely audible squishing sound, Chloe heard nothing. She was too focused on her game to notice the slight difference in the cushioning of her gaming chair.”

Try to ensure that your entries are not too short, at least a few paragraphs, around 600-1000 characters at least ideally, and try to ensure that it adds something to the story. A bridge chapter here and there is fine but no endless chains of them.
Also try to ensure that you spell check and use good grammar. I’d prefer to have a shorter, higher quality interactive than one with a lot of poorly written chapters.

Anthony cannot die, he is able to be stretched, squashed, flattened and anything else you can think of, but he won’t die. He reforms after a certain period of time, lengthened depending on how long he was out of his normal shape for.

Most stuff usually associated with giantess content is fine, although try not to go too heavy handed on really heavy sexual/ insertion content, I probably won’t delete chapters featuring it if they are well written but as a rule of thumb just don’t do it too often.
No content involving giant guys, other guys can feature as long as they are also tiny, but Anthony must remain the main character.

Feel free to add, and I hope people enjoy!
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