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by T
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An 18 year old guy changes his lifestyle drastically.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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May 29, 2019

The light shines through your window in eastern Ohio on your 18th birthday, a few days after the last day of your Junior year. You were older than most of the kids in your grade since you were able to skip preschool, and smarter too; going to a small suburban school.

You were 6 foot, and played running back in football, shooting guard in basketball, and right field in baseball. You, your little brother, and older sister were raised to be athletic and eat healthy growing up.

Your sister, Kaitlyn, was a track star and went to Ohio State for hurdles and sprints, until she tore her ACL. She can’t run anymore but got to keep the scholarship, not the physique though..

Your younger brother, Marcus, was going to be a Sophomore this upcoming year, and plays basically the same sports except track instead of baseball. You have always been seen as more talented than your brother, even though he’s an inch taller and a little faster. He had been working hard though and plans to take your starting running back spot after next year.

None of you really new your dad, he left right after your brother was born. This left your mom to work extra hard and provide for 3 kids alone. You have a lot of respect for her, but know she can be strict and rude.

You walk downstairs and see pancakes on the table. "Good morning honey, I made you some whole grain pancakes and were having steak tonight," your mom says cheerfully. "Thanks mom, looks good," you said.

You were kind of annoyed that your mom was still being strict about eating on your birthday, but you were cool with it since her cooking was pretty good. Plus she’s noticed that you’ve gained a little in the past few months. It’s not a lot, but you just got done with your off season and got on this new medication that slows your metabolism as a side effect.

Your mom talked about how you need to get a job now that your 18, since your grandpa died a few months ago. He was a very wealthy and gave you money whenever you asked, that you intelligently saved up to around $2,000. Your mom doesn’t know, because she said you had to put all that money towards college. You planned to spend it on weed and clothes.

It was after dinner, and you were still kind of hungry. You looked up food delivery apps and saw Door Dash. Your mom would be pissed if she nee, but technically she can’t do anything since your 18 now. Still, you wanted to wait until she went to bed. You ordered a dozen wings and a basket of fries from a local wing shop. You saw the other cost $25, which was crazy. It said you’d save $10 if you got the pass, which was $10 anyway. You got it but said you had to spend up to $12 to get the deal. You added a burger and got it for $20, which wasn’t too bad. After it gets there, you sneak it up to your room and scarf it down after a bowl or 2. You went to sleep loving your new found freedoms.
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