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One day out of the blue aliens invades parts of earth and unleash a strange virus.

One day out of the blue aliens invades parts of earth and unleash a strange virus.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your name is Zachary Thomas. (Better known as Zach).
You are an average skinny built 15 year Caucasian (White) boy with a decent sized family.

Intro Story:
You had just arrived at your best friends camp for birthday party amongst friends and his family. Where things went as normal, playing video games, eating cake, and everything else. All right up until everything started dying down, family and friends leaving other than your close friends staying overnight. Just as everybody began going to bed, you were the last one still awake staring out of the window, not to sure if you're awake or sleeping as you see come down from the sky. What looks to be an Alien space ship, slowly landing in a large clearing under the nights stary sky. Where you just lay in your sleeping bag as you see aliens exit the ship and disappear inside, to do who god knows what.

What you do see next is an alien walk towards you and before you could react it injects you with something that immediately knocks you unconscious. From then on, you don't know what happened, but when you finally come to you find yourself outside of your friends camp. Looking towards it feeling quite different, almost as if you're floating. When you try to move nothing happens, instead you begin to feel something below, something that you're not doing. Looking down you begin to something extremely off putting, you see that instead of your body, there are these purplish tentacles writhing about uncontrollably. Sticking right out of your neck.

Just as you were getting use to that, your head suddenly turns around to see the aliens ship retracting its steps, where you see your body standing beside an alien with the same purplish tentacles writhing about where your head should be. You begin to panic and become terrified by what is happening and try to wake up from this nightmare, but nothing is happening. You just keep on experiencing this horrifying moment, when out of nowhere your head begins to scuttle towards the camp sight with you doing so. Fearing something might happen, you just close your eyes and hope for this to be over and you wake up in your sleeping bag.

It doesn't....

Main Characters:

Zachary Thomas (You, Aka - Zach) Age 15, 5'10. Average teenage boy that is somewhat tall, skinny and pale..like the tall nerdy kid in your class. Just with one main difference, you are bisexaul and wish there was a way to fulfill your gay fantasies your best friend, but your dating Kylie.

Gregory Williams - (Your best friend, Aka - Greg) Age 16, 6'0. Who is a damn near copy of yourself. Unlike yourself he's not bisexaul, hence why he's dating Sallie.

Sallie Madison - (Gregory's girlfriend) Age 15, 5'6. Into the same nerdy stuff as him. Can be nice to hang with, but is very perverted behind Greg's back. Has nice ample breasts and uses them to her advantage.

Kylie Thomson - (Your girlfriend of 2 years) Age 16, 5'7. Kind girl that really cares about you. She shares many of your hobbies and is an attractive girl with straight brunette hair who has no idea that your bisexual.

Micheal Thomas - (Your Father, Aka - Mike) Age 42, 6'4. A tall well built muscular man that wears the pants in the family. He and your Mother are still very much in love and have a very close relationship to keep the family together.

Kathy Thomas - (Your Mother) Age 40, 6'0. She is a tall beautiful reddish long curly haired woman with a body women dream of having at her age. She is the housewife and very in love with your father who also is a caring mother to you and to your siblings.

Jenna Thomas - (Your older sister) Age 17, 6'1. She has long blonde straight hair unlike your mother, she is nice to you all, but kind of feels like she's not really a part of the family. She also has more an athletic type curvy body unlike your mom's body and is also dating an older boy that your parents don't like very much named Ethan.

Ethan Anderson - (Jenna's boyfriend) Age 21, 6'4. Your typical muscular tattooed metalhead rebel, but really does care for your sister.

Angela Thomas - (Your younger sister, Aka - Angie) Age 14, 5'0. Pretty much an exact copy of your mom when she was that age and almost acts if she your mom at times because of how close she is to you. Has long curly reddish hair just like your mother too. She also twin sister of Jackson and is dating Ryan.

Ryan Davidson - (Angie's boyfriend) Age 13, 4'11. He is a polite proper well mannered american boy and is kind hairy for his age that's also quite pale as well.

Jackson Thomas - (Your younger brother, Aka - Jack) Age 14, 5'0. Twin brother of Angela. He is your nerdy younger brother that looks up to and wants to be exactly like you some day. Like the rest of your family, he doesn't know about your bisexuality. He also already has a girlfriend named Sarah that is almost like your own girlfriend Kylie, just much shorter than her.

Sarah Blanchard - (Jackson's girlfriend) Age 14, 4'10. Who is pretty much like your own girlfriend, is sort of nerdy but very beautiful just like Kylie.

Alexander Thomas - (Your younger brother, Aka - Alex) Age 12, 4'9. Who takes after your father more than anything as he is quite the athlete in the family. Already more muscular than yourself as your father's blondish brownish hair, but is that tall. Has a girlfriend in this reality unlike your own. despite his good looks everything, he doesn't have a girlfriend, instead he has few close friends that he hangs with a lot.

Lucy Thomas - (Your younger sister) Age 9, 4'4. She's a cute little girl and is kind of like your oldest sister, but has wavey blonde hair instead and likes you as much as Angie does.

Jamie Thomas - (Your youngest sister) Age 7, 3'9. Has light brown wavey hair kind of like your mom and is probably the cutest little girl you've ever seen and acts like it too. Mommy's girl if you will, she demands attention, but is also very polite and well mannered while trying to get into the same things as you.


1. I'm not into scat, vore, weight gain, shrinking or any stuff like that for this story because it just doesn't fit into this type head swapping story. Farting is allowed as a comedy aspect, just not sexual and the same goes for peeing. Long descriptive sexual acts are allowed just like my chapters usually are.

2. Please make long interesting and detailed chapters, they are encouraged. Unless it's just a chapter for more choices. If I really feel like, I will edit a chapter if it just doesn't make a lot of sense, otherwise I'll leave it be.

3. Write chapter however is most comfortable for you, but if a story line is written in certain perspective, try to continue it that way.

4. Anyways, have fun and enjoy this interactive.

Be descriptive when possible. I am editing this often so be sure to check on this for the additions. Other than that have fun!!!
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