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Richard is now in his senior year and finds himself in many ticklish/feet basedsituations.

Richard is now in his senior year and finds himself in many ticklish/feet basedsituations.

This is an interactive story containing 89 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Richard has just made it to his senior year of high school and now finds himself (willingly or otherwise) involved in many ticklish, and foot fetish related situations. Whether from friends, schoolmates, underclassmen, teachers, or more, Richard can not seem to escape his predicament.

This is a reboot of a story called Christopher's Senior Year. Feel free to add any chapters you want so long as you follow the rules. Chapters that do not follow the rules will be removed. And remember this is a tickling/ foot fetish story so events should usually flow into something of that nature.

No Scat
No Vore
No Gore
No Killing/ Death
No M/M

Sex (and sexual acts) are allowed

Richard: Your typical 17 year old white male. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, and is liked by most of his classmates. He is not a standout guy since he is neither skinny nor fat and is about average height, but he has many female friends. He is very ticklish, mostly on his feet and legs but he is ticklish everywhere else too.

Olivia: Richard's 13 year old sister. Like him she is white, with brown hair but her eyes are hazel colored. In general the two have a good relationship, but she can get moody and how she treats Richard can be a wild card. Moderately ticklish all over.

Katie: Richard's best friend. 18 years old, Caucasian, long brown hair, green eyes, skinny, fit, she is a mischievous girl and likes to mess with Richard, also quite the tomboy, not afraid to roughhouse, play games or joke around with the guys. Well known throughout school as a girl that any guy would want as a friend. Ticklish all over.

Josh: Richard's other best friend. 17, tan skinned, dark brown hair, brown eyes, is a bit on the hefty side but not someone you'd call fat. Close enough to practically be called Richard's brother.

Alicia: Josh's 10 year old sister. Tan skin, long blond hair, blue eyes, average weight for her age, and plenty mischievous. Sometimes likes to play pranks on Richard, other times she is as nice as an angel. Richard can never guess what she is thinking. Ticklish everywhere but mostly under her arms.

Jess: Richard's next door neighbor. 16 years old, pale skinned, short black hair, dark brown eyes, average weight, and notably short. She and Richard have hung out since they were little. Despite this, ever since Richard entered Highschool they have hung out less and she has since made new friends as well but she will always have time for Richard. Whenever they do hang out she likes to tease Richard. Ticklish mostly on her stomach, but is ticklish all over.

Kayla: A 14 year old girl that lives in the same town as Richard. She has long light brown hair, brown eyes, fair skinned, and is notably skinny (possibly anorexic). The two have rarely crossed paths but Kayla and her cohorts are known to bully anyone regardless of age, even going so far as to blackmail people into doing her bidding. She never goes too far with the blackmailing, so she has never been caught but Richard just might be the perfect slave for her if she can get some dirt on him. Moderately ticklish all over, but exceptionally ticklish on her feet.

Ava: Richard's 26 year old PE teacher. She is bronze skinned, dark black hair, deep brown eyes, and is slightly taller than Richard. She is very much a go-getter, and constantly encourages Richard to push himself in his physical fitness. Is always willing to lend a hand to any student in need of one on one training. Ticklish mostly on her sides and stomach but only slightly ticklish elsewhere.

Hana: The 18 year old Japanese exchange student that is staying for the year learning in Richard's school. She has long black hair, deep brown eyes, is smaller than most girls her age, and is quite skinny. She is not shy, but quite reserved keeping to herself most of the time. As far as Richard can tell she has few friends and mostly sticks to her studies. Very ticklish everywhere.

Feel free to add more characters as you see fit, but make sure you give them a halfway decent description if you will be making them a person of interest.

All chapter additions are welcome but can/will be vetted. Useless chapters, terrible writing, and chapters that advance the story with a single sentence, or unceremonious endings without good reasons are all viable options for removal. That being said don't be afraid to add, I welcome it, the people whose chapters may be removed know exactly what kind of thing they are writing.
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