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by Quinny
Rated: ASR · Interactive · Adult · #2258484
16 year old Callie comes home after work on her birthday to an empty house.
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Chapter 2

Callie discovers her friends in her panties

    by: Quinny   More by this author
Something just didn’t sit right with Callie. Her fingers just felt way too good. Removing her panties for closer inspection, their stuck to the crotch of her panties were several of her friends. In her shock she could almost make out their stifled screams as one of them became unstuck and fell into her awaiting cleavage down below. He was still moving so apparently the fall didn’t hurt that bad. Several ideas flew through her mind. What happened to her friends??? Will they stay this small??? Having tiny pleasure toys could be fun she thought to herself. Using her free hand she began to massage her breasts and maneuver the little guy to a better position to stimulate one of her nipples. She heard anything little shriek and it made her cream herself to have such control. Looking back at the friends stuck to her panties, Callie scooped them off with her fingers and brought them back to her freshly shaved pussy and began to push them deep inside of herself. The feel of their struggles was absolutely magical. The more they struggled to get free the more kegals she did to pull them deeper inside letting her orgasm build to the brink.
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