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  1. The Daydream
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A human girl becomes a massive dragoness or giantess.
Chapter #1

The Daydream

    by: Dergs Gulp & Yani giving boops
Yani always daydreamed about growing to planetary proportions, becoming busty, & amassing monstrous amounts of muscle. When this is combined with powers and physique of a dragoness... As she shivers in delight she looks at herself in the 8th floor apartment's bedroom mirror. Her slim, 4ft. frame left much to be desired. Thankfully, this was about to change as this was her 21 birthday where dreams became real. She smiled as she thought about the possibilities. There were so many ways to grow and so many dragon forms!

You have the following choices:

1. Become Feral Dragoness

2. Become Anthro Dragoness

3. Find a Friend to Join

4. Just Grow

5. No Change Yet

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