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by BugBug
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Chapter 1


    by: BugBug   More by this author
You wake up with a start. Nightmares again. Curse them. Curse them good. You sigh, glancing over at the clock. 3:28 AM. Your heart is pounding too fast for you to want to go back to sleep. So, you get up and move over to your computer, do a little late-night surfing. However, as you continue, you can feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier. A bright flash from your computer gets your attention and wakes you up fully. Peering down at the corner of the screen, you see that a tiny monitor has appeared. Moving your mouse over to click it, the screen suddenly seems to have an implosion impact in the middle, and a vacuum-like force drawing you into the monitor!! Before you can scream, you black out.

When you come to, you can see huge, green trees surrounding you, engulfing you. When your eyes focus, you can see that they aren't trees at all. They're blades of grass. You're surrounded by grass! You've shrunk to a mere two inches tall! Before you can get your mind to how this happened, the ground rumbles beneath your feet. You turn quickly and gasp upon seeing a gigantic version of...
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