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Chapter 1

A choice of paths

    by: Sage   More by this author
Okay despite that really weird intro this is your basic Shrink Story, with a few little additions here and there. First off this story is divided into three parts. The first part is kind of like the Virgin Tell Interactive here on Writing.com where you answer questions, like why are you into the macrophile thing? Is it a self-annihilation fantasy, or just something you're into for no reason you can identify? What kind of Macro do you like? Vore, crushing, or just looking at people at a significantly lower POV? How about the giant? Do you prefer guy, girl, animal? And finally how about your favorite place on the net for your fetish? What site do you go to? If it's here on Writing.com then what's your favorite story? And once you've answered as many of these questions as you want, maybe even thinking of a few of your own. After that leave a single link open for the next person.

Now for the real story, this is as usual divided up into two parts, both male and female. Both POVs start shortly after the character(Steve Marshall for the guys Andrea Watts for the girls) arrives home after signing up for the MA program. The first choice for each one is to identify what kind of companion they choose, a vore, a crushing, an animal(Those will come with a trainer to give you the shrink and explain the commands), or an anthromorph .

Addition: You may now chose to play the story from the view point of the MA person sent to help someone live out their fantasy. Choose first your Gender, then you type(Human, Anthro, Android, Animal, or other), and then the origin of your POV.

Ok choice time, do you want to tell us about your fetish, and more importantly add a link that some of us might not have heard of, or do you want to go to the story?
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Macrophile Tell

2.   Steve Marshall

3.   Andrea Watts

4.   Male Employee of MA

5.   Female Employee of MA

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