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  1. Not the weekend you had planned
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Your girlfriend wants a baby...only problem is she wants it to be you
Chapter #1

Not the weekend you had planned

    by: biggirl
"Damn am I tired" you say to yourself as you approach the door of your apartment, its been a pretty hectic week, but thank God its Friday and you have some time to relax. Your boss has been riding you hard the past week forcing you to make impossible deadlines, and on top of that you just started about a month ago.

"oh well...at least now i just get a relaxing weekend, just Lauren and me." you tell yourself as you walk into your apartment and set down your briefcase.

"Hey babe...how was your day?" a voice comes from the bedroom...the voice belonging to Lauren.

"Oh it was okay, just happy the weekend is here" you say smiling as she finishes up whatever she is doing.

You and Lauren have been together for three years, you still wonder how you ended up with a girl like her, she was beautiful, long blonde hair with full pouty lips, and what can only be described as the perfect body, her breasts were big, but not too big, and she had a somewhat big butt, but you loved it all the same. Just recently Lauren had been dropping hints about marriage and kids, she was OBSESSED with kids and talked all the time about she couldn't wait to have a baby of her own. Now eventhough you did love Lauren, this was a big step, you were a bit weary to even ask her to move in, and the thought of having kids made you a bit scared. But the past couple days she seemed to have dropped the kid issue.

"Wow, do i have a surprise for you!" Lauren said walking out of the bedroom in nothing but a tanktop and small gym shorts which showed off her perfect ass.

"What is it hon?" you ask looking up at her with a big smile on her face.

"Well Mike, you know how i so badly want a little baby of my own" she says giggling as its apparent she's holding something behind her back.

"Geez, not again Lauren, i told you i'm not ready for that, i'm not ready to have a kid" you say having had this conversation with her many, many times.

"I know sweetie, thats the thing, i have the perfect alternative, you won't have to worry about taking car of a little baby" she says seeming to get happier by the moment

"Okay, well then what is it?" you ask a bit confused

"Look" she then pulls out some kind of remote control from behind her back. "This will solve all our problems."
"Well, what is it?"

"i snuck it out of the lab, its supposed to regress someone's age so that older people can feel young again, so i have the perfect solution" she says adjusting something on the dial

"Hahaa, some magic remote that changes you, i find that hard to believe, anyways, what did you plan on doing with it?" you ask laughing

"Well baby, i decided i could just make you my baby, since you don't want the responsibility, I guess i can just be your mommy" she says pointing the remote at you.

"What...Lauren are you craz..." you say before the remote shoots some sort of beam at you completely enveloping you, you begin to feel a bit dizzy when the beem retracts everything seems normal.

"Lauren what the hell are you thinking...for all you know that could have killed...me..." you say when you notice the smile on her face get even bigger as you realize you are slowly beginning to shrink.

"Hehehe...oh wow i can't believe its working" she says giggling as she watches you get smaller until...
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