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 Dream Logic  [E]
A recurring nightmare I used to have which was often spurred on by the silliest of things.
by Michael Rose🏳️‍🌈
Review of Dream Logic  
Review by R__chel
Rated: E | (4.5)
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Hi Madeleine,
This story is very intriguing, making me wonder about what the contents of the dream mean. It also inspires me to write a scary story. The detail included in the writing helps paint a picture of what you might have seen. The description of the house may have made the story bland, but it helped; made it better. The descriptions of your companions gave me more of a sense of how you might have felt during the dream. It gave me a sense of fear for you like it was happening right in front of me. Occasionally I felt my heart racing. With the man stabbing you, I could almost feel it. My whole body got a chilly feeling the second I read those words. How you wrote the dream made it even better. Where there is only just one sentence alone, it gives a sense of suspense. It feels like I'm watching a scary movie. I am quite excited to read more of your work, and I will be reviewing more of your amazing work. I haven't looked over your other stories yet. I will be doing that soon, but I can tell you that you would be amazing at writing horror. You can tell a great heart racing scary story, something that most fail to do. I do hope that more people find and read your work. You are doing a great job. Once again I cannot wait to read more of your work. Great job!

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