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 Being grateful   [E]
Sometimes we take things for granted, and we don't realize it until it's to late.
by CoCoCruz
Review of Being grateful  
Review by eyestar~*
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*Balloonp* Welcome to WDC CoCoCruz! I was happy to see your title on gratitude as I began a daily gratitude journal here on WDC. I have one in my writing book but when I saw "Greatness in Gratitude!

*Smile*I am not familiar with that book but it sounds awesome. I have many cool books that have uplifted me. I totally get your thinking. When I started doing the gratitude list..the first days were the easy stuff but yep...deeper you go... grateful for fingernails, the workings of the body, the universe. etc. We are part of it all. Miracles.!

*Delight* Your short article is honest and your lure us into your experience with a life expanding tool. The writing is easy to follow and the tone is potent. Thanks for sharing this title. It sounds like something for me to check out! *Smile*

Have fun and keep writing and reviewing! *Star*

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