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Spiritual: November 23, 2010 Issue [#4064]


 This week: Solitude is a Beautiful Thing
  Edited by: ŴickedŴiɫch of the Web
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"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order"

~John Burroughs~

Solitude does not mean loneliness. On the contrary, having precious moments alone to reboot the spirit, is vital, especially at this time of year when the holidays are upon us. When did I realize this? Let's take a look ...

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Hello, folks! It is such an honor and privilege to be your guest editor for this edition of the Spiritual Newsletter. *Delight*

WL and I made a visit to an aunt who was recently widowed. She lives in a picturesque part of New York, known as The Hamptons. We did lots of cooking for her and helped repair some damage to her hardwood flooring.

After a couple days of nurturing with love, we decided to take part of a day off to do a little touring of the area.

We chose a spot on the beach that required climbing down a foot path, created by hundreds of previous adventurers, on a sandstone cliff. Web-Lock wanted to do some fly fishing and I just wanted to take in the serene beauty that awaited me on the sandy, rocky path.

He moved up the coast a little so that the line would be free from catching the person of another person. I sat down, bared my feet and dug my toes into the sand. I found myself staring out at the sea and taking in the rolling waves rising and falling along sun glistened water.

Soon, my mind was a million miles away. I let my spirit soar where ever it wished, just like the seagulls. I didn't notice, at least right away, that my hands were raking the sand which was sugared with tiny shells and pebbles. It felt wonderful, the whole experience! All the tiredness of the past couple days of labors of love, disappeared. I was at peace and alone. The soft melody of the surf, massaged my mind, while the coarse sand scrubbed the fatigue from my aching feet. I could breathe deeply, like I could not remember doing in a long time.

Folks, this was such a renewal of energy. I don't remember if I thought about anything in particular or if everything floated through my mind like a film clip, but all was well with the world. I should say, all was well with my world. The weeks of pressure to get important things done, just faded away from me. They would get done, another day. Everything could wait for this one afternoon of selfish luxury to be finished.

All important things were completed in a timely manner, while those things that were just nagging "should-be-dones," took their lower place on the priority list.

Whenever that overwhelming stressful feeling rises within your chest, like a boulder landed there and refuses to budge, make it invisible by making yourself invisible. Find the time to find yourself. Enjoy the quiet. You do not need to be near the ocean for this. You can walk in a meadow, or park. You can watch birds at the backyard feeder or sit on the porch and look at the clouds floating past your area. Leave the phone, computer and books behind for a while. Let yourself be, only with yourself. You will find your own recipe for meditation.

The spirit will take you on a voyage of sweet serenity that will remind you that there is indeed a God and He is speaking to you within the whispers of the wind, rustling trees, wispy clouds and the downy feathers of the birds.

Enjoy your solitude, relieve some stress and find the inner you that is starving for some soul lifting silence.

That's all she wrote for this edition of the Spiritual Newsletter. Until we meet again, share some time with someone God really loves -- YOU!



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From a previous Newsletter: "Spiritual Newsletter (September 1, 2010)


Thanks for the story of your near miss accident. I have read so many stories in the past about people who may have had an angel looking after them and am always intriqued by them. There are a few books out there on angels helping people. Maybe another one by "you" is calling.
Grampa Ed

Thank you, Grampa Ed! I appreciate your feedback. Perhaps there is a book awaiting my pen about the above mentioned subject. I do believe in angels! *Angel*

Comments on last month's Newsletter: "Spiritual Newsletter (October 27, 2010)


WW, I think I understand how it is for a parent after the other passes. My mother passed about three years ago. I have been looking after my dad for about the last year. Due to his age, etc. he isn't who he use to be. But seldom does a day go by that he doesn't mention my mother. Even though he doesn't communicate well, I can see that my brother and I have been his only links to sanity.

God bless you for caring so selflessly for your widower father. You will hold these times so dear to your heart for years to come. *Delight*

Lou-Thankful for new words!

Thank you for highlighting "Such a Small Price to Pay. I look forward to this weekly pick-me-up, and reminder that God is King!


It was my pleasure, Lou. Smile


Thanks for this letter that you put time into. Lonelieness is always there for a lot of people, that is why I try to keep the family traditions going with my children and grandchildren. In fact I still do some of the cooking.
"You" should put this article in every newspaper there is and wake a few people up.
Thanks----Grampa Ed

Thank you for all of your kind words. I'm happy that you could relate to this Newsletter. I hope some people will wake up and appreciate their loved ones. *Thumbsup*


Thank you for sharing a very nice experience and bringing joy to the mother. A very fine newsletter. I remembered my mother in law who enjoys cooking even today. She is 88 and a great moral support.

Thank you so much for your feedback. It's wonderful that you appreciate your mother-in-law's contribution to the extended family. She has sage advice, from what you've stated.


"Periwinkle Innocent

Hi, Web Witch, Thanks for your lovely newsletter. Reading it brought back many memories. Best Wishes, Cynaemon

I'm so happy you enjoyed it, Cynaemon! Thank you for the link to your inspirational poem. *Delight*

Christine Cassello

This is wonderful that we need to appreciate people in our lives while we have them. As an older single woman, I wonder who will miss me when I am gone. I don't live near my nieces and never see them now. Will they wish we had spent more time together?

Unfortunately, yes. They will have a heavy burden to bear within their hearts, if you pass from this world and they did not get to spend more time building memories. It's not too late to plan something with them, now. Where there is life, there is hope. Do not doubt that you will be missed. *Angel*

Comments via email:


Thank you so much,for the post, Web-Witch. I hope to take away from it, what you apparently meant.
However, it is extremely difficult for an "old dog" like me, to venture into realms of activity, which will lead to meaningful "new memories." My domain is THE PAST. I feel comfortable there (despite the painful experiences I encountered there, as a child.)

I will, of course, re-read your piece, in order to drum up the requisite self-motivation, required for the trek into "new beginnings." Once again, thank you for your fine post. I look forward to more of these from you.

Have a blessed day,


Thank you very much for your comments, Dave. It's not too late for you. You have so much wisdom to offer the younger generations. The past cannot be changed; fortunately, the road to the future can. There is something that you can offer that will be so special and unique. It is worth giving it a try. *Thumbsup*


WW, you wrote a fine newsletter here leading to some great advice. I lost my mom when she was only 63, (blood clot) , I was 28..

Thank you, Monty, for your feedback. It is indeed sad when a parent dies so young. My aunt had a similar death at that exact age. She was a mother of nine. The fact is, nobody knows how long they will be with us. We must enjoy every moment we can with them. *Star*

Thank you for your feedback, folks. We editors really appreciate it. May you all have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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