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Noticing Newbies: September 09, 2020 Issue [#10355]

 This week: Growing For The Future
  Edited by: Jace
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

Hi, I'm Jace .

Welcome to this issue of the Noticing Newbies newsletter. Join me as I take you into some nooks and crannies of Writing.Com that you may not have found time to check out yet. This newsletter is about and for you. And for you seasoned members, I hope you'll find something you can take from my ramblings. *Smile*

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Letter from the editor

Google says there are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States, accounting for 99% of all businesses in the country. Of course the Small Business Administration states a small business is one with fewer than 500 employees. Smaller small businesses (with fewer than 20 employees) make up 85% of those US businesses.

I own and operate a small business in that 85th percentile and have for more than 28 years. Like mine, Writing.Com (WDC) is such a business. that has bucked tradition and survived while more than 80% of smaller business fail within 20 years.

Congratulations Writing.Com!

Enough statistics. Only The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress know how financially sound WDC is, or whether financial stability is the primary reason for continued success. I would say that any successful business, web-based or real world, is contingent upon several factors, much like a three-legged stool:

         *Bulletr* Financial success.
         *Bulletr* Support of a client/member base.
         *Bulletr* Fundamental vision and future innovation of the founders.

Taken individually, there is no proof that any one leg will ensure continued success.

Admittedly innovation is easier for privately held companies like mine and WDC because they don't have to answer to stock-holders who view quarterly dividends as more important than long-term goals. A family-run business, WDC's innovations are due to the creative genius of a husband-wife team. Their genius extends to allowing member feedback and suggestions for the betterment of the site.

Despite having a rather large population base that regularly provides feedback on the innovative features that are introduced, the fact remains the SM and SMs are solely responsible for the direction of WDC. Please remember that just like your rights regarding a received review of your work, the SM and SMs may accept part or all, OR reject any suggestions.

A few of the forums in which you may enter your thoughts, ideas or suggestions are below:

Writing.Com General Discussion  (13+)
A message forum for general discussion. Please come and chat with others!
#100931 by Writing.Com Support

Suggestion Box  (ASR)
Drop your new ideas into the Writing.Com Suggestion Box!
#102362 by The StoryMistress

Noticing Newbies  (13+)
A warm welcome to our newbies; come meet new and not-so-new members of Writing.Com!
#126963 by The StoryMistress

Equally important are the members who provide both financial support and feedback to help the company. Members are a critical resource for the continued growth and success of WDC.

To that end I urge each member to get involved, interact with other members, explore and use the various features available, and finally consider becoming a paid member to support the innovation for the next five or ten years. Some of the innovations that have happened during these past 20 years were suggestions from members.

Assistance and innovation is essential for WDC to continue to support the writing community with a quality and vibrant site.

Editor's Picks

Check out these Newbies. Take a moment to review this offering ... or something else in their Port. Welcome them to WDC though a scribble in their Notebook.

 The Grace of God  (13+)
Resilience and Perseverance
#2230628 by MaciM

 Is The Water Warm Enough?  (18+)
A young teen struggles with hydrophobia and the death of her former tormentor.
#2231383 by Artful Flower

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2231213 by Not Available.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2231103 by Not Available.

 Good Fortune  (13+)
From the outside, looking in.
#2230873 by BrieHart

Elegy for the Night  (13+)
Lightning crashes, a new mother cries.
#2230794 by Aldrich Smith

 “Artist’s Prayer”  (E)
The patron often decides what is to be seen. Shameless self promotion is better than none.
#2230482 by Bpathos

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Ask & Answer

Thanks for spending time with me today. If you liked what you read (or if you didn't), please take time and drop me a line. I'd love to hear your ideas.

From the newsfeed and mailbag:

From Wordswork : Hello, I am so lost here and everywhere when it comes to reading and writing. As for reading there is something about electronic reading, the internet, that I cannot seem to adjust to, I crave hard copy to submerge myself,to really feel the read. Writing, I am very prolific. But I only write an aphorisms. They are powerful, lines that get to the point and then step away to be digested. Where do I fit in here or any where that writers write and become read? Any response will be so appreciated.

         I certainly understand he difficulty with reading online. Often I find it hard to read some stories here, especially those that are long without any spacing. Such stories need certain things--paragraphs separated by a blank line and slightly larger typeface for easier reading.

As for finding your style of writing, all I can say is WRITE! Find a subject that can showcase your passion and just write about it. Some people are more creative in the morning; others in the evening. Find your creative time and write everyday. Learn the basics about writing. Perhaps a good friend or a fellow member can honestly critique your work. You'll find your way.

From kjmorgan: When I joined last week I was nervous. The first day I posted my biography. A day or two later I post a story. I intended to introduce myself in a newbie form next. To my astonishment when next I logged in I found you guys had already seen my story and reviewed it. Moreover praised it. Today I see that it is posted among the Newbie Offerings. I am having a wonderful experience among this welcoming and well-run community. Thank you so much. Be sure I will be an active participant.

         We're glad you're embracing WDC. This really is a great place to be for a writer. Best of luck in all your writing endeavors.

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