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Fantasy: October 28, 2020 Issue [#10435]

 This week: Names of the full moons
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow
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About This Newsletter

When the moon hits your eyes
like a huge pumpkin pie
It isn't love
It's a full moon
And that moon has a name.

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Letter from the editor

Before modern time, many cultures across the world gave the full moons names. These names reflected the season of the year. In America, the Native American tribes gave names to the full moons. Each tribe had their own names for the full moons, which is one of the reasons different sources give different names for the full moons. Blow you will find the name of the Gregorian calendar months with the best known names of the full moons.

January - Wolf Moon
February - Snow Moon
March - Worm Moon
April - Pink Moon
May - Flower Moon
June - Strawberry Moon
July - Buck Moon
August = Sturgeon Moon
September/October - Harvest Moon
September - Corn Moon
October - Hunter's Moon
November - Beaver Moon
December = Cold Moon

The Harvest Moon falls closest to the autumn equinox. This moon can also be called either the Corn Moon or the Hunter's Moon, depending on whether it falls in September or October. This year, since there are two full moon in October, the full moon that occurred on October 1 was the Harvest Moon and the full moon occurring on October 31 is the Hunter's Moon.

What are the names of the full moons in your culture or part of the world? Are they similar or different from the names I have listed above? Have you ever used the name of a full moon in your stories or poems? Have you considered giving the full moons names in your fantasy stories?

Editor's Picks

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People Who Live in Glass Cities  (13+)
Invincibility has its drawbacks.
#2189657 by Seuzz

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Ask & Answer

brom21 writes: Thank you for the NL! My choice of outlining is simple bullet points. i.e. point A leads to point B and so on. The novel I am working on has time travel. So, I decided to make a timeline. I wish I did that as I went but I am just now making the timeline. I am too busy with this story for NaNoWriMo prep though. Thanks again!

         You're welcome. Prosperous Snow

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