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Spiritual: January 20, 2021 Issue [#10573]

 This week: That One Thing
  Edited by: Kittiara
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About This Newsletter

If you could solve one issue facing humanity, what would you choose? The amount of problems we face as a species can feel overwhelming. What, though, if we focus on one thing...

This week's Spiritual Newsletter is all about creating a better world, step by tiny step.


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Letter from the editor

If you were granted the power to make the world a better place – even if for a single day – what would you do? That question is something I daydream about from time to time. I don’t have delusions of grandeur, honestly. I just… see so much pain and suffering and I can’t help but think that it would be nice to be able to make some changes. To clean the place up a bit. Inspire people to head in a direction far away from the road of chaos and destruction that we appear to insist on following. I wouldn’t want unlimited power. I wouldn’t want to rule the planet. Just a day, a single day of change…

I always get stuck when I have these thoughts. I clean the oceans and get rid of all the pollution in the air and the soil. I come up with some awesome, functional, clean way to produce energy. And then it gets tricky. I could turn deserts into fertile land to help feed the hungry, but in doing so I would destroy unique ecosystems. I could vaporise all weapons, but people can make weapons out of anything.

How do I stop people from fighting? How do I stop them from destroying the forests I have just restored, from once more ruining the quality of our air, our soil, our waters? How do I end greed, and envy, and that eternal desire for power? How can I possibly get everyone to work together? To even agree on the best way forward?

I believe that a part of spirituality is the quest for enlightenment. I confess that I do not feel too enlightened when I ponder these issues. It is all well and good to daydream about a world without hunger, fear or suffering, but it’s not realistic, is it?

In order to help out one species, I may destroy another. In order to get everyone to work as one I would likely have to become the worst dictator the world has ever seen. In fact, in order to get people to leave behind all negative aspects of human nature I would end up turning them into beings without free will, without dreams, hopes, passion… they would no longer be human beings.

I could caution people. Perhaps some would listen. Others would be bored. Tell me they’ve heard it all before. My message might linger for a short while, then fade. Life would resume as normal.

But perhaps I don’t need to have the power to change the world on such a grand scale. When we witness the wrongs of human nature we can feel overwhelmed. There is simply too much to take in, and to take on. What if, instead, we focus on one thing? One thing that stands out for us. One thing that we know we can do something about, that we can help with, even if in a small way? It may feel futile to help clean up a local stream when there are so many polluted streams everywhere, but if that thought were to stop everyone from putting on gloves and getting stuck in nothing would ever change. We have to start somewhere.

That applies to every project. If each and every one of us chooses one thing, one small thing, and takes one small step towards solving it the world will become a better place. It won’t happen in a single day, but that’s okay. One thing, and when that is done another thing, and we will get there.

I cannot perform miracles. I am nobody special. I am just one woman with a rather shaky vision who believes that we can do better than this.

Do you believe the same? If so, what is your vision? You may already be doing your one thing. Feel free to tell us all about it! My one small thing at the moment is to remove old, rusty barbed wire from my local wood. Some of it is stuck in trees, or wrapped tightly around their trunks, hindering their growth. There are deer in the wood, and foxes, and badgers, and I would not want them to get caught in it. It’s a small step, but I will be doing something, and that is better than doing nothing.

Whatever step you take, thank you. You are wonderful. The world will be a more pleasant place to live in because of your contributions.


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