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 This week: Are We Alone?
  Edited by: Kittiara
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About This Newsletter

Are we alone in the universe? Should we hope that we are?

This week's Action/Adventure Newsletter is all about extraterrestrial life...


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Letter from the editor

Do you believe there is life in the universe? Other than us, I mean? Or do you think that this is it – there’s just this planet that’s filled with wondrous beings; whatever happened here failed to happen elsewhere?

I confess to being one of those people who believes that we are not alone in the universe. It’s such a vast place with so many different planets… we probably don’t even know how many, only that it’s a lot. It would feel odd to me if the conditions that enable life on our planet are not replicated elsewhere. Especially when we consider that life can take many forms. We have quite a wide variety of life forms here on Earth, but we are unlikely to be the limit of what is possible. So, I am rather certain that there are other beings out there somewhere. The question is whether or not we have ever met.

I live in an area of England that’s well-known for being a UFO hotspot. Not that I have ever seen one around here. In the 1980s a local police officer claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The USA, of course, is even more well-known for its sightings. Stories about UFOs have been around for a long time. No proof of extraterrestrial visits has ever been found, however (though some believe that it’s been kept from the public).

Once upon a time, many years ago, I sat staring out of the window of a bus, on my way to work. It was early in the morning – I always had to get up and set off early, as my place of work was a ways away from my home. We drove out of the city, past some fields, and a ball of light caught my eye. It drifted in the air, then shot off, then turned and turned, doing these swift, acrobatic movements, before drifting along once more. I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. We drove past these fields for a good while, and all that time the ball was there, doing its thing. Once we got to a built-up area I lost sight of it.

I will never know what it was. To me, it was a UFO – an unidentified flying object. It wasn’t a hot-air balloon. It didn’t remotely resemble one, and a balloon couldn’t have done those movements. It wasn’t a firework. It was too big for that, and a firework would have fizzled out. This was the early 90s – well before drones, as far as I am aware. It’s an experience that’s stuck with me. There’s probably a perfectly good explanation for what I saw, but I haven’t found it yet.

It would be amazing if aliens visited this planet. Wouldn’t it? I sometimes think that they’re better off staying away. We may have sent a welcoming message into space, but we humans haven’t exactly got a good track record of being open-minded about the unknown. Just look at the stories out there about aliens – often they’re depicted as hostile and us brave humans need to band together to defeat them. The whole aliens-visiting-the-planet thing could end up a disaster.

Yet, maybe not. Maybe it would be good. It could be of mutual benefit, and we’d enter a new era of existence…

What do you think? What’s your story?


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