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Comedy: August 11, 2021 Issue [#10922]

 This week: What Is Comedy?
  Edited by: Lornda
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
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About This Newsletter

"Life literally abounds in comedy if you just look around you."
~ Mel Brooks - American Actor, Comedian and Filmmaker.

"Awkwardness is such a gold mine for comedy."
~ Paul Rudd - American Actor

"I love the basic comedy of growing a mustache."
~ Ben Miller - English Actor

*Magnify* Find out the simple meaning of comedy.

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Letter from the editor

         The meaning of the word Comedy is weird. Between what the dictionary states to what I think are two different things. Consider the dictionary meanings according to Merriam-Webster compared to my interpretation:

1 a: a medieval narrative that ends happily
*Thought2* Whoa. Something relating to the Middle Ages and the ending is happy. That’s interesting. I don’t believe those two topics go together to equal a funny story.

b: a literary work written in a comic style or treating a comic theme.
*Thought2* It’s good they use the word comic, but it’s not enough to explain what comedy means. If a person read this to learn something about comedy, they would run off and start writing comic strips.

2 a: a drama of light and amusing character and typically with a happy ending.
*Thought2* Light drama and an amusing character and, yet again, a happy ending. Is it allowed to be a funny ending?

b: the genre of dramatic literature dealing with the comic or with the serious in a light or satirical manner
*Thought2* With the drama again, and to be lightly serious. I’m confused.

3: a ludicrous or farcical event or series of events.
*Thought2* Oh, like the movie, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ or my life with family.

4a: the comic element.
*Thought2* This does not describe what comedy means.

b: humorous entertainment.
*Thought2* Wow, two simple words to describe comedy. This definition should be at the top of the list.

         If we toss the complicated dictionary definitions aside and focus on humorous entertainment alone, does it fully describe the meaning of comedy? Humorous entertainment covers many elements to make you laugh. Like videos of cats being their obnoxious selves, babies laughing at the silliest things, and hilarious Super Bowl commercials. There are also movies, books, T.V. shows, and stand-up comedians to make us laugh. You can also be entertained by funny memories about your family. How about this one from my archive: One family member had to be on oxygen, and when asked why she wasn’t using it, she simply answered she didn’t want to get addicted to it. Um, time for a nap grandma.

         So, what is comedy? The answer is easy — comedy is to laugh at something entertaining. Every one laughs at different things. For instance, I laugh at dad jokes, but you might find squirrels funny. The Merriam-Webster dictionary offered some weird meanings for comedy — especially, the definition that was listed first. One thing is for sure, I’m going to stick to dad jokes. They’re more entertaining than trying to write a story about a medieval narrative that has a happy ending.

A few humorous dad jokes to entertain you:

What does a baby computer call his father? Data.

Why are spiders so smart? They can find everything on the web.

How do lawyers say goodbye? We'll be suing ya!

Wanna hear a joke about paper? Never mind. It's tearable.

What do you call a sad cup of coffee? Depresso.

What do you call it when James Bond takes a bath? Bubble 07.

A sig for the best genre in the world--Comedy!

Editor's Picks

 Chocoholic  [E]
Imagine a world without chocolate
by Norman

 Alien Colors  [E]
Winner. What is the meaning of the colors the aliens display?
by Graywriter down south

 Summer Haiku  [E]
Don’t stare.
by Kotaro

Accidents Can Happen  [13+]
I am on trial for a despicable crime and have to defend myself.
by Alex Morgan

 Tell Me the Truth  [E]
Winner! Daily Flash Fiction 7/10/21 W/C 296
by QueenNormaJean BrrAgain+Snow

 At The Zoo  [13+]
The local watering hole is like a zoo
by Blueyez ✿ In the desert

Dear Mom  [18+]
Introducing the love of his life to mom
by L.A. Grawitch

 I'm Sorry, Eh?  [E]
Prompt: I'm accused of a crime and must argue my case to a judge and jury. 500 words go!
by SandraLynnSnowFlakeSlingin'

Mistaken All Week?  [18+]
Each day brings another lousy date for this lady.
by Ben Langhinrichs

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Ask & Answer

*Questiong* What is the meaning of Comedy to you?

*Thought2* Feedback from my last newsletter, "Movie Inspiration:

W.D.Wilcox : "I think you have funny quirks." *Laugh*

Lol! Yes, I do. *Laugh* Thanks for making me laugh!

Steven is writering : Favourite 'funny' movie (ha-ha, not huh?) is Life of Brian.
"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy."
"Homage? You? Drunk! It's disgusting!"
"I think it was, 'Bessed are the cheesemakers.'"
"I have a vewy good fwiend in Wome called Biggus Dickus."
"Half a denarii for an old ex-leper?"

That's a funny movie. Thanks for sending in the funny quotes. *Bigsmile*

Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 : "Favorite humorous movie: The Ritz. It's a farce, set in a gay bath house. For favorite lines, I've met many guys I could call "Get-away-from-me-Claude." F. Murray Abraham is hilarious in this movie.

As to writing humor in my own fiction, I don't think I'm good at that at all. This is as close as I've come: "Schrodinger's Cat"

Nice! I haven't seen that movie, but I added it to my list, and I've got your story ready to review soon! *Wink*

Quick-Quill : "I’m catching up on my reading. I loved this NL. You’re my kind of fun."

Poor you. *Laugh* Thanks for the comment. You made my day!

Elfin Dragon - contest hunting : "My favorite comedy movie of all time is - "Undercover Blues", with Dennis Quaid, Kathleen Turner, Fiona Shaw, and Stanley Tucci. I've seen it a dozen times (maybe more) and it gets funnier every time."

It's great when a movie can keep you laughing. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the comment. *Cool*

*Tower* Comments from the Newsfeed:

Annette : G.I. Joe is a comedy movie, at least the first one with the Wayans Brother and the potato. An unforgettable quote from this movie is:

"He doesn't speak."
"He doesn't say."

I find that so funny. Especially since the one who doesn't speak and doesn't say is Snake Eyes, the movie's most accomplished ninja.

flash : The Grinch starring Jim Carrey even though it's a Christmas movie.

DevilsBargin : Favorite comedy movie. Well that's just personal. No answer forthcoming. As for lines from movies. Well you've come to the right spot.
From the movie: "300"

From the movie Riddick: It's been a long time since I smelled beautiful.

From the movie Josey Wales: Dying ain't much of a living boy.

From the movie the Gambler: I've beat him all night and I'm going to beat him all day. Just you watch mister.

From the movie the Blues Brothers: I'm on a mission from God.

From the movie Castaway: Wilson!!!

From the Movie the Christmas Story.Not a finger!

From the movie The drop. He already thinks your going to kill him over some stupid dog. Bonus line. Nobody ever sees you coming Do they?

From the movie. Poolhall junkies. Delivered by Christopher Walken. You ever watch those nature documentaries? You ever see the one about the Lions? Well you got this Lion see. Huge mane, King of the Jungle, mane stretches out to here. And he's lying down under the only tree in the middle of the Africa. Well you see the Lion is so big and he's so hot. That he doesn't want to move. So the little Lion Cubs. They come over to him. They tug on His mane with their teeth. They swat at his tail with their paws. And still the Lion refuses to move. Now the female Lion. The Lionness. She sees this and she goes over to him purring up against him. Nibbleing on his ears. You know generally making trouble. Still the Lion doesn't respond. Now the others animals the Jackles the Hyenas! They take notice of this and they start to creep in. Slowly they begin to eat the food that's in the Lions domain and as they do this they get bolder and bolder. Drawing closer and closer. Until one day that Lions had enough. He gets up. Begins by devouring everthing in his path. Runs like the wind. Ripping the shat out of everybody. Now he does this because ever once in a while. A Lion has to be exactly who he is. So I'm going into the next room you come out when your ready. And don't beat him kick his arse. :)

Patrick : Mister Hulot's holiday.....sorry no quotes,theres a door in the restaurant of the hotel that he stay in that makes a funny noise. Im sick of trendy innuedoes and topical funny situations Im like an old dog they grab n try to tickle,me snarly you predictable, boq wow find no genus of creativity, go way me bitey u" If Mr. bean would have stayed untalking he would have been okay,he came out an it was all over.

Thankful Sonali : TV series - Jeeves and Wooster.

Bertie: If you met a tiger cub in the jungle and biffed it, what do you suppose the reaction of its mother, the tigress, would be?

Jeeves: I imagine there would be some slight disapprobation, sir.

Kåre Enga — taking a break. : I'm not much into "comedy". Specifically dislike juvenile stupidity. Hollywood is the worse imho. Brit-coms are okay because they are short. More than 1/2 hour of ha-ha and I'm outta here!

But... do I learn from movies? All the time. I watch how a story is told, not only by dialog but by lighting, costuming, close-ups of facial expressions, body language... yada yada. I enjoy many that are layered or multi-genre, ones that teach me something about a place, a person, human nature.

elephantsealer : Once again, comedy is not my favorite...

TheBusmanPoet : I have two. The First is "Young Frankenstein" by Mel Brooks and 2nd is "Let It Ride" with Richard Dreyfuss, Teri Garr, Meg Tilly and a Plethora of other stars.

I recommend to anyone who has watched it. I always get a great laugh out of both to the point it hurts. *Bigsmile*

Bob : One of my personal favorites is 'What about Bob' with Richard Dryfuss and Bill Murray. It is one of the most underrated comedies out there.

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