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Romance/Love: September 15, 2021 Issue [#10973]

 This week: Wake me up when September comes
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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About This Newsletter

Hello everyone, I’m Samberine Everose and I'm here, one of your full time editors in the Romance/Love Topic of the WDC Newsletter, and just like I've been saying I will not be tired in expressing my thankfulness to all the beautiful people here in this wonderful community of writers for not only helping us to improve our writings but giving us also encouragement and inspiration every day. *Smile*

The atmospheric condition may affect the way we write,
Have you try to incorporated the affection that you may perceive each season?
Don't get me wrong- season can also be in 12
Do you know the Rule of the 12 months season?
Find out here.

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Letter from the editor

Wake me up when September comes

Have you ever wondered that sometimes the 'atmosphere that surrounds you can push you to write?

We can have our own special time path where inspiration or our muse flows so naturally and abundant.

There are also those dry times that even when we try our best and intend to do everything that we can, but nothing flows.

I often experienced that, and I believe you too also
that there is a great role of the atmosphere that will enhance the flow of our writings.

When the day is hot and bright, I often like to write, honestly I'm not a night owl, I don't write at night or even midnight, I believe that our physical body needs to be energized at night through rest and sleep.
I often like to write on a hot or in a bright day, I like to write when I'm at work,
it starts from a single word that is being highlighted in my mind then it just flows.
That is how my blog went through.

But have you know the rules of the 12 season?

By the way The 'atmosphere that I am stating here is not the time or the place but the change of each season.

The season that I am stating here is not the typical 4 ( spring, summer, falls, winter) but the 12 months that varies and have it's own season,

Each month has its own good imagery in us, and it's unique because each person is different and each month has its own effect on them.

It can push and stir our hearts to write even a good romance.

Here is a poem, stating here how each month gave me a remarkably good atmosphere in my writing.

January reminds me of a cold month where sweethearts would like to hug,
while February gives me excitement for it is the month of love.

March reminds me of our bountiful festival, expressing each one's thankfulness,
April comes to be the season of summer and the resurrection of Christ.

May definitely states about hearing wedding bells,
and also June that couples were preparing for the coming of rain,

where July's storm will withstand each other's arms,
adding August the days of courage to conquer disastrous melancholic.

But wake me up when September comes- my birth month with the WDC festival around
until October continue the fun.

Then November the month we would like to seek and hide,
and the hope of the coming of the December Star.

We observe that each month it has its own 'atmospheric condition that we may reflect and may find a unique beauty in it.

So I believe that there is a significant role of the atmospheric season that pushes us to write.

It may differ and it varies to each of us, it depends on what we see and feel as the beholder of words. *Heart*

Samberine Sig.
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Editor's Picks

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Ask & Answer

Our Question for this week Newsletter:
Which month is your favorite and do you also have that atmospheric condition of each month that may affect your writings? can you share about this?

Our Question from "Romance/Love Newsletter (August 18, 2021)
Which One would you prefer and long title or a short title, why?

I was hoping to see some examples of those cliche titles so I'd know what to avoid in my own writing. On the other hand, I could creatively twist a cliche title to give it some extra dimension, something I sort of did with one of my romance poems (riffing on The Art of War). I admit I'm a big fan of snappy titles and sometimes start only with a title then creating a piece around it.

Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

Cliche that I've said here in my recent NL is about those overused titles that we may often see, but we can create, adapt and "jumble so that it may become fresh.
Thank you for your reading my NL and commenting it

At times a longer title pulls me in to read and at times I pass. I think the use of words chosen is the answer.

Right, we have its own choosing, thank you for reading my NL and for commenting it.

This is so true. I’m sending this to my mentee. Her title was Vanessa, the Cop and the kid. She settled on Mending Vanessa. She’s getting it published. When researching the title I saw a number of titles that didn’t follow your guide. I told her don’t do as they do, do it right.


Thank you for reading my NL and for commenting it.

Thanks for all your comments. *Heart*

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You can send it through our mailbox below.
Until next time.


Samberine Everose
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