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 This week: Oh, What a Character!
  Edited by: Lilli ☕️🧿 Busy w/Quills
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

While you may not be actively working on a NaNo project, we are all writers here, so I thought e could talk a bit about character development. This is something I have been working on for my project. Regardless if you are writing a short story or a novel, characters are just as important as plot. So let's get started!

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Letter from the editor

Here's a little brain-storming exercise!

1. Think about your genre. This will give you a general idea of your story ending and the kinds of characters work best for the type of story you’re writing.

2. Allow 30-60 minutes to do this exercise for each of your main characters. So that you don't get hung up, set a time and allow 15 minutes for each of the following topics:

*PenP* Goal, motivation and conflict, for both the inner life and outer life
*Bulletp* What motivates your character and what are their overall goals?
*Bulletp* Are there relationship, social, political, religious, philosophical, fears or job circumstances that would make it hard or impossible for your character to obtain what they really want?

*PenP* Important relationships
*Bulletp* Who is important to this character?
*Bulletp* If some of those important people are not in the story, what impressions did they leave that molded this character?
*Bulletp* Who does this character form a close bond with in the story? Is there someone that 'rubs them the wrong way'?

*PenP* Appearance
*Bulletp* Create an image of this person in your readers mind. How tall is the character, hair and eye color, build, prominent features, etc?
*Bulletp* How does this character dress?
*Bulletp* What do others notice about their appearance?

*PenP* Education
*Bulletp* How much education has this character had?
*Bulletp* Are they 'street savvy'?
*Bulletp* Their education and upbringing will influence how they speak and relate to others.

*PenP* Home, living circumstances
*Bulletp* Where does your character live? In a posh apartment, in their vehicle, maybe a hotel room?
*Bulletp* Does this character have a roommate?

*PenP* Preferred travel method
*Bulletp* Do they have a car? What make and model? Is it an old clunker or fairly new?
*Bulletp* Maybe they prefer to ride the bus, a bicycle, or scooter?
*Bulletp* Is the story set in a city where they might take the subway, bus, or taxi?

*PenP* Backstory as it relates to story problem
*Bulletp* No one gets to where they are now without things having happened to them in the past.
*Bulletp* Think about the problems they will face in this story and then base a backstory on how and why they react the way they do.

*PenP* The things in his/her pockets, or backpack, or car, or purse, etc.
*Bulletp* Is this character a gum chewer and always has a pack of gum handy?
*Bulletp* Does the character carry around a keepsake of some sort?
*Bulletp* Think about the things you carry and why - this will help you do the same for your character.

*PenP* Habits, mannerisms, ticks
*Bulletp* Is this character a hummer, whistler?
*Bulletp* Does she mindlessly twirl her hair around her finger?
*Bulletp* Does this character have a habit of tapping the foot or fingers?
*Bulletp* Are they friendly, personable, polite, or the opposite?

*PenP* Other elements and factors that occur to you as interesting or important — jot them down!!

Editor's Picks

Sunshine and Shadows  (E)
The Storm is Brewing
#2229798 by Queen NormaJean IcyQueen

White Picket  (18+)
A silent scream in winter as a woman finds a way to take control of her life
#2205869 by WriterAngel

A Song for the End of the World  (18+)
Sunrise should happen at 6:01. Too bad the world will end at 5:47. (2nd, WDC Short Shots)
#2257512 by Roseille ♥

Night Owl  (E)
Sept Journey through Genres Sometimes the friend you need the most is the most unexpected
#2258839 by AliceLvs2Write

Sometimes the Bleeding Never Stops  (18+)
Radio words echoing from way back, before his childhood had been so cruelly cut short
#2214696 by deemac

The Last Days of Hazel Beirut   (13+)
Someone you love has to die to save the island of Shard.
#2254069 by Donkey Hoetay

Nobody's Shoe  (13+)
Personification of Running Shoes. Written for a contest.
#2196937 by Jimminycritic

Woden Pie  (13+)
A tale of a dusty old professor and his new student.
#2256134 by Beholden

Othello's Adjustment  (13+)
1939 Cat Witnesses the Inhumanity of Humans - Humans Never Change Do They
#2039068 by ♥HOOves♥

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