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 This week: Being SMART
  Edited by: Choconut ~ Busy Writing!
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About This Newsletter

Let’s not set New Year’s Resolutions this year. Let’s set ourselves some SMART goals. It's always a boost to our confidence to reach goals we set ourselves, so let's make 2022 a year filled with success.

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Letter from the editor

Can you believe we are almost at the close of 2021? I’m not sure I can. This year, much like the last, has kind of blurred into one long length of nothing. At least, for me, it has. My writing goals have not been met, and I’m sad about that. Next year, I am determined, will be different.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions as a rule because they tend to last for a short while only. For me, this coming new year will be about making lifestyle, lifelong changes. So, where to begin? Well, firstly, I have made some SMART goals. Someone told me about SMART goals a few years ago, and I never really heeded their advice. Maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong. So, this year, I’m going all out on being smart:


By doing this, I hope I’m setting myself up to succeed, and not fail. I am not putting too much pressure on myself, but at the same time, I am pushing myself. For example, last year I took part in "52 in 52" . I never really thought I would read fifty-two books in one year, but once the goal was set, I really wanted to make it. So, I pushed myself, and I finished a month or so early. And, in doing this challenge, it has made me fall in love with reading all over again. It has also inspired me to create my own reading club which is a challenge that will run throughout 2022. So, by pushing myself this year, it has brought me a lot of joy.

If your goal is to write more, then Writing.com is the perfect place to start. When I first joined the site, and I hadn’t written very much at all, I searched the contests page and entered a whole bunch of them every month. I placed in, even won, quite a lot of them. I also didn’t place in an awful lot of them. But the feedback I received was incredibly valuable and taught me more than I had previously learned about writing in all of my life. Whether I won or not was irrelevant in many ways because I was learning more tricks of writing with every entry.

Which brings me to the message of this newsletter: If you want to write; if you want to learn about writing; if you want to read other people’s writing, WDC contests are a great place to start.

I hope your holiday season has been wonderful. I wish you a happy 2022 filled with writing, reading, and all things word-y.

Editor's Picks


Stardust Auction  (E)
Fund-raiser for: WdC Super Power Reviewers & My Contests. Closed
#2006654 by A E Willcox

Stardust Auction  (E)
Fund-raiser for: WdC Super Power Reviewers & My Contests. Closed
#2006654 by A E Willcox


Rach's Reading Club  (E)
Where all you have to do is read books to receive awesome prizes.
#2261482 by Choconut ~ Busy Writing!

Question of the Day!  (18+)
Come answer a question, share a laugh, encourage one another, and bring me a coffee!
#2142667 by Lilli 🧿 ☕ Reviewing BBL

I Write: Enter the Second Decade  (E)
A special round of tens for the decennary of I Write
#2263836 by Annette


Of course there's a Veterans Day - EVERY DAY!
#423698 by Monty

Shadows and Light Poetry Contest  (E)
Do you love the challenge and creativity of free verse poetry? This contest is for you.
#1935693 by Choconut ~ Busy Writing!

The Prompt Me Contest  (13+)
Weekly winners will have a chance to win the monthly MB give-away!
#2000519 by Cubby

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2254385 by Not Available.

Short Shots: Official WDC Contest  (ASR)
Use the photo to inspire your creativity. Write a short story and win big prizes!
#1221635 by Writing.Com Support

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